Home Security Installation Middletown NJ

Home Security Installation Middletown NJ

Are you in search of Middletown, NJ home security installation company? Central Jersey Security Cameras ensures your family and valuables are safe and protected. Our home security system keeps intruders out of your home. Furthermore, it will notify you of any suspicious activity on your property.

Central Jersey Security Cameras is the premier security installation company in Middletown. We have over ten years of experience. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most reliable and affordable quality surveillance systems available. We specialize in installing state-of-the-art surveillance systems. These surveillance systems are easy to use and manage yet provide unparalleled protection for you, your family members, and your valuables. Furthermore, we have installed thousands of security cameras and alarm systems for homes throughout New Jersey.

We are fully licensed and insured to handle all of your security needs. Using only the latest technology to protect your home so you can enjoy peace of mind while in your own home.
Central Jersey Security Cameras system designers offer free on-site evaluations and consultations to build a system that meets your needs and budget. Designed specifically for your property and installed by trained professionals.

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Home Security Installation Middletown NJ

Middletown NJ home security alarms

Middletown, NJ Home:

As the leading Middletown offer various interior surveillance solutions such as nanny cams and dome cameras so that you can always watch over your loved ones or pets when they are away from home.

Alarm Systems For Your Middletown Home:

We install the Resideo ProSeries Alarm System for homes throughout New Jersey. This high-end alarm system provides you with the highest protection, security, and peace of mind. It even allows you to control your home through an easy-to-use mobile app. The app. will notify you of events no matter where you are.

Additionally, our alarm monitoring service allows us to monitor your property 24/7. We send you notifications when there is an incident, so you will know if someone has broken into your home or tried to break into your car or garage.

As a local business, we know what it takes to ensure you get quality service from someone who knows what they are doing! We have been in business for over ten years, and we have thousands of happy customers in Middletown and throughout New Jersey, who now have peace of mind knowing Central Jersey Security Cameras protect them.

Doorbell Cameras:

We can install doorbell cameras at each entrance point if you want to monitor who comes into your home. This way, you can see who is coming in and out at all times, day or night. As a result, this will allow you to track who has access to your property and what they are doing there.

Popular Security Options in Lakewood

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Line Crossing Detection

The line-crossing detection function of your DVR, NVR, or IP camera is a great way to discover when something’s gone wrong. It works by setting an invisible perimeter around a specific area—like your driveway or front door—and instantly notifying you when that perimeter is breached. 

It’s beneficial if you want to know when someone is in your driveway. You can set up multiple perimeters, and each one will send you an alert when breached. Our clients use them for various situations where you want to know if anything goes wrong in a specific area.

Vehicle Detection (LPR) Cameras

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Cameras are the most advanced license plate recognition technology. We use them to record every vehicle that enters and exits your property. LPRs have infrared capabilities allowing them to capture plates in any lighting conditions. As a result, this makes them perfect for use, no matter the lighting conditions. These cameras trigger alerts when a specific license plate is detected.

Our security camera features will help keep your Middletown home secured. 

Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

A PTZ camera is set in a particular place but can turn in a complete circle, tilt at different angles up and down, and zoom in on specific objects. PTZ cameras are used in a setting where someone can control them through a computer or joystick. An automated system can also rotate around and focus on specific areas automatically without sacrificing efficiency or security. This can be activated in the Tour settings. When we install surveillance cameras on your Middletown property, we position them so as not to miss any activity occurring within their range of vision.

Our Home Security Alarm System Features To Help Protect The Residents Of Monroe

Central Jersey Security Cameras offers you and your home security much more than a traditional DIY solution you may find online or in retail. While many of these offerings serve their purpose, they also have drawbacks.

DIY Security solutions are not always reliable or convenient. As a result, many Middletown, NJ residents hire us to install their home alarm systems. 

Furthermore, DIY products have many technical errors and troubleshooting during and after installation. You don’t want to allow such an expansive room for error regarding home security.

Home Security Systems Lakewood

We offer high-quality, professional-grade, tamper-proof security equipment for your home’s highest level of security. Additionally, when you purchase from Central Jersey Security Cameras, you get professional installation services from trained security technicians.  Contact Central Jersey Security Cameras if you are in search of a Middletown home security installation company.

Home Security Installation Middletown

Here are some of the things that make us different:

  • We are fully licensed and insured to work in the state of New Jersey.
  • A 2-year warranty backs our products. (This is not something most DIY security systems & retailers will offer)
  • We include professional installation because we know how important it is to have a home security system that you can trust

Trust Central Jersey security cameras with with all of your Middletown, NJ home security installation needs.

Commercial Security Installation

We all want our businesses to be safe, secure and protected. With our advanced security camera and alarm systems, you can rest easy knowing that your business is safe. Advanced security camera systems and alarm systems can help to protect your Middletown, NJ business against theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Furthermore, with these systems in place, you can monitor your property 24/7. As a result, once suspicious activity occurs on-site, you will be alerted immediately.

We tailor our security came Middletown Whether you’re looking for a basic system to protect your building or store, or a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of your business, our team can help. In addition, we have years of experience providing security cameras and alarm systems for various commercial locations. Including restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, warehouses, and more.