Residential Alarm Systems

Residential Alarm Systems

At Central Jersey Security Cameras we are in the business of protecting lives and property. Whether you are seeking security for your family while you are at home or for your property while you are away, Central Jersey Security Cameras can design a total home security system that is tailored to fit the needs of your home and family. Contact us today to learn more about our residential alarm systems.

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Honeywell Lyric Alarm System

You don’t operate on a fixed schedule. Why should your home? The Lyric Security and Home Control System is designed for how you really live, with a wireless connected platform that makes your home safer, smarter and more enjoyable than ever. Individually, each product performs brilliantly. Together, they’re a way to orchestrate life.

Some of the features our customers are enjoying about the Honeywell Lyric Alarm Panel are:

• Completely wireless setup
• Fast, neat and easy installation, no mess
• Reliability and ease of use
• Home automation integration
• Free remote management of the residential alarm systems which include:

• Remote arming
• Bypassing of sensors
• Instant sensor notifications directly to smart devices
• Door lock control/garage door
• Lighting control
• Thermostat control
• Instant video verification with connected cameras triggered by alarm sensors

• Best part, all of this at no ad’l monthly charge other than basic monitoring fee

Some of the things we as the dealer enjoy about this new system would be that we have the ability to troubleshoot and assist our customers with their alarm through our customer web portal. We also enjoy the great tech support and customer training that Honeywell has to offer to our staff on a regular basis to keep up on the latest changes and revisions to the system so we can pass that along to our customers.

Commercial Alarm


Residential Alarm Systems
Security Alarm System Keypads

Keypads are an important part of your security system. They allow you to arm the system with a secured code. They can be placed wherever you need them most and are easy to use. Keypads feature emergency buttons that allow you to call for help immediately. Back lit buttons allow you to see your keypad when the power is out.

Commercial Alarm
Door and Window Sensor

According to the NBFAA, 56% of burglars enter through a door, another 23% through the first floor window. Door and window sensors are placed in these areas of vulnerability. When the contact is broken, the alarm is triggered. A chime function allows you to monitor who comes and goes from your home—this is great for added security while you are at home. Keep children in and intruders out.

Windows and Door Sensors
Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are triggered when someone walks in view of the detector. If intruders enter your business through a door or window that is not protected by a sensor, the motion detector will act as a trap ensuring they don’t stay in the home for long. Motion detectors can be turned off when you are on the premises while your windows and doors can remain secured.

Smoke Detector
Monitored Smoke Detectors

During a fire it takes the average person seven minutes before they have an opportunity to call the fire department, but it takes just three minutes for a room to become fully engulfed in flames. With a monitored smoke detector, the siren is triggered the second smoke is detected; the monitoring station is contacted and the fire department dispatched. This allows you to focus on getting out of the building.

Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide poisoning is the #1 cause of accidental poisoning in the United States. You can’t see it, smell it or taste it, but our carbon monoxide detectors can. When high levels of carbon monoxide are detected the monitoring station is signaled and alerts you. Protect your employees against this silent killer with a carbon monoxide detector added to your Residential alarm systems.

Panic Button
Panic Button

Panic sensors are designed to go just about anywhere. This sensor allows you to activate a 24-hour emergency alarm. Call for help with just a push of a button.

Remote Entry Key Fob

Convenient and easy to use remote entry key fobs allow you to arm and disarm your system with a push of a button as far as 500 feet from your business. The key fob also features a panic button which allows you to contact help in case of emergency.

Alarm Siren
Alarm Sirens

An alarm siren provides peace of mind for you and acts as a deterrent for would-be intruders.

Fire Alarm Pull
Fire Alarm Pull Stations

Wall-mounted devices that trigger an alarm when manually activated. Often used in conjunction with fire alarm control panels and smoke detectors.

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Easy to use interface that simplifies procedures. Differentiates between smoke and dust particles. Reports all system activity to the monitoring station.

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