NJ Government Based Security Installation

Security systems are a must in any government building such as post offices, DMV, social security offices, police stations, and local township buildings. Central Jersey Security Cameras staff has been diligently following government developments and installing security cameras & alarm systems all throughout New Jersey. Our office staff is always background checked to the highest extent and are all cleared to work with government agencies to constructively design and install state of the art surveillance systems.

What can Central Jersey Security cameras do for your New Jersey government facility?

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We have experience installing security solutions for the following government agencies:

  • Libraries
  • Courthouses
  • Post Offices
  • NJ Schools
  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Social Security Offices
  • Local Township Buildings
  • New Jersey Municipalities
  • & more

Access Control Systems

Granting access to a building based on personnel or credentials is an essential security measure that all government agencies should implement. Door access systems make use of authentication measures (the swipe of a card/ID badge, fingerprint, or passcode) to control access into facilities and/or rooms. These advanced door lock systems can lock potential threats who don’t belong in a government building out. This can include implementing restrictions so that some employees only have access to certain rooms of a facility.

Access control can even be put on a schedule that locks doors at a specific time and governs who has access at certain times. For example, a DMV can set their doors to lock at closing time, to disable entry after-hours. However, it can be set so that managers and administrators can still access the building in case of an emergency. 


CCTV Security Cameras

Police stations, courthouses, fire departments & more have a growing need for security cameras. CCTV surveillance camera systems can protect these government buildings from both the outside and in. Exterior security cameras will be installed to cover the premises & interior cameras will oversee any offices or rooms holding valuables. All of our CCTV cameras come with Infrared Technology / Nightvision – so you have protection 24/7, day or night.

If an event occurs at any government facility, you can go back and review video evidence immediately to document what took place. Footage from a CCTV security system can be saved to a hard drive for long-term video storage. The span of time you can view video playback depends on the size of the hard drive included. Central Jersey Security Cameras has installed CCTV security cameras with enough storage to playback video from over a year in the past.

New Jersey Municipality

Alarm System Installation

Alarm Systems are not all the same, and every building has different needs to protect the public, government employees, state officials, and inmates in the correctional facilities.  

Fire Alarm Systems

Having fire alarms is Indispensable to protect all parties in the buildings. Once a fire alarm goes off and the alarm triggers Central Station Monitoring. The fire department is directly alerted and dispatched to the location. Unfortunately in some state buildings, fires have been set intentionally, this is often the same case in prisons and in police stations. This is instrumental in saving lives when a fire happens.

Panic Buttons

Panic buttons can be placed throughout an office under the desk, on walls, etc. They can be visible or hidden or even carried on key chains. There are a plethora of options, but what do these alarms do? By pressing the button you can set off an alarm that can sound or even be silent to send help to where you are.  In New Jersey, we are seeing a rise in businesses (government & non-government) adding these emergency panic buttons to their alarm systems.

Burglar Alarms

A burglar alarm is an electronic device that emits a loud noise or another alert when someone attempts to gain unauthorized entry to a building or other premises. At most government buildings, the alarms are loud sirens; made to alert everyone. In some cases, these alarms can be silent and made to alert just the authorities needed to protect an area.  When you hear of burglar alarms,  you probably think of someone breaking into an establishment. Well, they are also used to keep inmates from breaking out of a place too!

New Jersey state house and capitol complex in Trenton

New Jersey State House and Capitol Complex in Trenton

Temperature Screening Cameras

Temperature Screening Cameras can be used to read the temperature of all staff and visitors of government facilities within seconds. They evaluate personnel as a gate-of-entry to verify the person does not have a fever. Temperature screening cameras can mitigate the risk of exposure to illnesses in New Jersey government facilities that see a high number of guests & staff each day.

Fixed Lens Turret IP Security Camera

Now Offering NDAA Compliant Security Cameras & Equipment

The Uniview Security Camera Systems are fully NDAA compliant and serve as the best choice for your next federal / government security project.

With various options ranging from dome cameras to turret IP cameras, 4MP – 8MP resolution, your choice of NDAA compliant security solutions for government installations and security projects has never been better.

The Best Security Installers in New Jersey

Central Jersey Security Cameras is fully licensed and insured to install CCTV/surveillance systems throughout the states of New York and New Jersey. We have 25+ years of experience working in government facilities such as municipalities, police stations, social security offices & more. Our system design team will work with you to set up the perfect system for your New Jersey facility. 

Here are some New Jersey government institutions we have installed security systems for:

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