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Security Installation in New Jersey Medical Centers

Security camera systems and alarm systems are integral to the operation of hospitals, doctors’ offices & other medical facilities in New Jersey. They are important not only for the safety and comfort of guests & staff but also to secure the valuable medical equipment and inventory that is held at these facilities. 

Central Jersey Security Cameras’ services specifically cater to the medical field. Doctors, dentists, surgeons, hospitals, urgent care centers, veterinarians, & more private and public practices make up over a third of our New Jersey client list.

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    Security Camera CCTV Systems

    Our CCTV security cameras are industry-grade and installed by trained professionals. We install security camera systems to offer surveillance and added protection for hospitals, doctors’ offices & more. With immediate access to our easy-to-use interface and remote video support, our CCTV surveillance cameras are the best video security solution for New Jersey-based medical centers.

    Access Control

    Access control systems can secure all entry/exit doors with the ability to lock down all doors with one touch, even remotely from a mobile device. All authorized personnel is issued key fobs for access. Doors can be automatically set on a lock/unlock schedule. Our design teams and installation technicians have years of experience installing access control systems throughout New Jersey.

    Fire & Burglar Alarm Systems

    Alarm systems are relied on for the safety of patients, doctors, office staff, nurses, & all other personnel in medical institutions. They provide peace of mind for patients who may be sick or in ill-health. Additionally, fire alarm systems should be installed to detect if hazardous fires erupt. This is the best preventative measure a medical clinic, office, or hospital can take to prevent disasters.

    New Jersey Security Installations:

    • Hospitals
    • Medical Centers
    • Doctors’ Offices
    • Pharmacies
    • Dentist Offices
    • Adult Day Care Facilities
    • Rehabilitation Centers
    • Research Facilities
    • Medical Labs
    • Pediatricians
    • Nursing Homes
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Health Groups
    • Veterinary Hospitals
    • & many more

    NanoBeam Wireless CCTV Transmitters are used to send CCTV system video feeds wirelessly over large areas. Ideal for hospitals & enterprise security solutions spanning multiple buildings to avoid running long stretches of wire. 

    Fire Alarm Pull

    More Services We Offer:

    Fire Alarm Systems— Fire alarm systems will sound only after it detects a fire. This is useful for preventing and locating fire threats.

    Intercom Systems— Intercom systems are useful in large-scale facilities & hospitals. They provide a useful form of communication for employees, patients & can provide instant real-time updates.

    Panic Buttons & Immediate Alarms— Panic alarms instantly set off an alert of an immediate threat. Panic buttons can be kept remotely by personnel or installed at points only accessible by employees.

    Healthcare Security System Installations in New Jersey

    Protecting Patients & Medical Staff

    Healthcare centers, walk-in clinics, & doctors’ offices should have a security system in place to protect themselves from any threats. There’s a high volume of patients and guests at these locations, as well as valuable equipment inside. A simple alarm system with Central Station Monitoring protecting the office during off-hours could go a long way.

    Security in Hospitals & Medical Labs

    Security systems can be implemented to protect surgical equipment. Whether at a small health clinic or a large complex, professional medical equipment is a highly valued asset. The high-value of this equipment makes healthcare centers a large target for theft. Access control implementation can make it so that only authorized personnel can enter storage rooms with valuable inventory. Video surveillance CCTV systems can also keep a watchful eye over the facility.

    Temperature Screening Kiosk in Medical Centers

    Thermal Imaging Cameras & Temperature Screening are of great use in New Jersey hospitals, medical facilities & more. Temperature screening cameras detect fevers within seconds and are being used to evaluate personnel as a gate-of-entry to these medical facilities. Thermal scanners will mitigate the risk of exposure to illnesses in their hospitals, doctors’ offices & other medical healthcare facilities.

    CCTV Security Camera in NJ Hospital

    Protecting New Jersey Medical Facilities

    As a company, we consider ourselves foremost experts in the design of security systems, from the smallest office to large medical buildings.

    Our design team takes the time to listen to the specific wants and needs of every individual practice. We offer expert advice to those who are not sure what it is exactly they need while providing insight into our vast knowledge of building out systems for new and existing medical offices.,

    We pride ourselves in the entire process of designing equipment to suit your needs to complete the installation of all equipment while not going over budget. Central Jersey Security Cameras is confident that after meeting with our sales staff you will be pleasantly satisfied and would feel comfortable taking the next step of implementing a security system.


    Here are some hospitals & medical institutions we have installed security systems for throughout New Jersey:
    • Bayshore Veterinary Hospital – Holmdel, NJ
    • Health & Pain Rehabilitation – Old Bridge, NJ
    • Physicians University Group – Staten Island, NY
    • Animal Health Care – Marlboro, NJ
    • VNACJ Health Group – Asbury Park, NJ
    • St. Peters University Hospital – New Brunswick, NJ
    • True Care Veterinary Hospital – Howell, NJ
    • Triangle PsychoTherapy – Highland Park, NJ
    • Sprout Health Group – Eatontown, NJ
    • Millenium Health Care – Monroe, NJ
    • The Spine & Pain Institute of NY – Staten Island, NY
    • Advanced Health & Education – Eatontown, NJ
    • Angelic Health Care – North Brunswick Township, NJ
    • EZ Health Mart Pharmacy – Parlin, NJ
    • CarePoint Health – Jersey City, NJ

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