Benefits of a Burglar Alarm System in 2024

Alarm systems are becoming increasingly popular in 2024, with many new models being introduced by security manufacturers yearly. Many New Jersey homeowners still haven’t installed a security system for their homes. They may be wondering “Should I install an alarm system in my New Jersey home?”. Today we are sharing the benefits of installing security in NJ homes and businesses.

An Alarm is the Quickest Link Between You & The Authorities

In the event of an emergency, an alarm system is the fastest way to alert the police. Alarms that are subscribed to a Central Station Monitoring company are protected 24/7 by trained professionals. If the alarm goes off, and you fail to respond to the operators, the police will be dispatched out to your home. This is the quickest, most secure, way of calling attention to an emergency- and requires no input from the homeowner if they are under distress.

A Loud Alarm is Proven to be Effective

An alarm system that activates a loud siren is proven to make just about anyone flee the scene as quickly as they broke in. These loud alarms are effective deterrents due to how much attention they draw in after being activated. Not only should the criminal be concerned about police being dispatched; but also if the neighbors are home! With a loud siren blaring in your house, even the neighbors down the street could hear it and investigate that everything is alright. The risk involved with bringing so much attention to oneself is not worth the burglars’ time.

Smart Home Automation Integration

It is not uncommon to find smart home integration built-in to today’s modern alarm panels. Alarm panels can also act as a hub that connects all of the other smart-home devices in your home. This includes thermostats, garage doors, lights, door locks, etc. These extra features are great all on their own, but how can they be integrated to benefit home security? Your alarm panel can send notifications & updates directly to your smartphone. If you have a security camera system, you can also check that on your phone to capture the intruder in the act. Having these systems connected via the internet in 2020 adds an extra level of protection that was absent in systems just 10-15 years ago.

Alarm Panels in Home Living Room

When is the Best Time to Install an Alarm System?

It’s hard to pinpoint the “best time” to install a home alarm system for your New Jersey home. Unfortunately, it tends to be too late by the time people begin considering adding security to their homes. Experiencing a home break-in is usually the tipping point for many homeowners that place them in the market for an alarm system. There is no telling when someone will resort to committing a crime and if they will target your house. You can always keep an eye on the local news to see if any neighboring towns or residences have been victimized.

When the Economy Goes Bad, Crime Goes Up

It is statistically proven that the rate of crimes increases when people lose their incomes. People that would not commit any crimes become desperate. This means, just one person losing their job could potentially be the cause of your home being the next target of a new criminal. Be prepared for the worst-case scenario by installing an alarm system in your house today.


The Importance of Security During a Crisis

In the event of a pandemic or crisis, you may need to prepare yourself for a worst-case scenario. Having an alarm system installed in your home could give you some well-needed peace of mind and help you feel more comfortable. If you are a business owner, you may find remote access to a security system a welcome addition to your work. This will allow you to check your closed property is secure when you can’t be there. If you are in a state of quarantine, Central Jersey Security Cameras even offers an “Entry-Less” alarm installation! With our pre-programmed alarm panels shipped right to your door, you can have an alarm system set up in your home or business without our technicians even stepping a foot in your door. We offer this DIY alarm system solution all throughout New Jersey.


Do New Jersey Businesses Need an Alarm System?

Burglar alarms are essential for any New Jersey Business. According to The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), Commercial locations such as restaurants, retail stores, banks, gas stations & more are the victims of about 1,597,970 robberies & burglaries yearly. These can occur both when businesses are shut and vacant, as well as when they are open for business. Here are some ways businesses in New Jersey can benefit from a security system being installed on their premises.

Restaurant Security Systems

There are many different areas in a restaurant that owners may want to protect or watch over. Depending on the location, there can be large dining halls or small dining areas. Registers at the front of the restaurant can be very enticing to a potential burglar. It’s very common to have security cameras looking over the registers in case of an emergency. Many locations we have serviced in New Jersey have also installed alarm systems. Alarms are especially helpful when the restaurants close for the night.

Retail Store Security

Security systems in retail stores are very important. New Jersey commercial / retail outlets are usually one of the first targets that come to a thief’s mind. These locations house many valuables, ranging from expensive clothes to the newest, most expensive electronics. That’s why it’s important that retail stores in New Jersey equip themselves with a security alarm or surveillance camera system. These implementations could prevent thieves from targeting these stores. They will also alert the owner and authorities if the store does get robbed. Surveillance cameras specifically can be used to catch evidence of a crime and identify the suspect after the fact.

Office Security Systems

Typically, offices contain very important valuable materials for a business. These can range from business materials such as business paperwork or sensitive customer information to expensive computers and equipment. It’s important to have these valuables protected from any intruders eyeing your office. The most effective way is via an alarm system.

Another very important security solution for offices is Door Access Control. Access Control systems are integrated through a series of keypads or card readers that authenticate users to unlock doors. This advanced door lock technology can be integrated into offices to increase door security. It can also limit access to some rooms for some employees/visitors.

Outdoor Business Security

Not only do NJ businesses need to protect their interior equipment, but outdoor equipment needs to be protected as well. There are alarms that can be placed around perimeters of equipment yards, farms, and parking lots/entryways. These outdoor alarms are set off when there is motion detected. (similar to an indoor motion sensor)

To cover larger properties, or set an alarm-like feature on the outside of the facility, you may want to consider security cameras with Line Crossing/Intrusion Detection.

What is Line Crossing / Intrusion Detection?

Line Crossing / Intrusion Detection is a feature of your DVR, NVR, or IP Security Camera System. It can detect motion in the frame of the camera in an area the user defines. After you set your “virtual tripwire”, or motion-sensitive region, you will receive immediate notifications if the surveillance cameras record any movement. These instant alerts will be sent straight to your smartphone or device so you are always aware of what is going on while you are not there. You can even have audible alerts ring on-site through an external siren or from the DVR or NVR. This feature can be compared to a traditional alarm system.

The Best Alarm Installers in New Jersey

Central Jersey Security Cameras work at getting customers the best security at an affordable cost. Whether you are getting your first security system or are upgrading an outdated one, we will work with you to set up the perfect system for your New Jersey home or business. Central Jersey Security Cameras trained technicians install the Honeywell Lyric alarm panel and keypads for homes, schools, offices, businesses, and more throughout New Jersey. To learn more about the cost of alarm systems click here.

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