The Cost of Alarm Systems in New Jersey (Buying Guide)

Honeywell Lyric Alarm Panel in New Jersey Home

If you are a homeowner looking to install an alarm system, your first thoughts may have been “is an alarm worth the price?” or “what is the cost of home security?” In this article, we will share the many different panels available to purchase in New Jersey, as well as the Central Station Monitoring services you can use to alert any authorities should an emergency call for it. There are many budget-oriented DIY home security options, as well as higher-cost professionally installed alarm systems to purchase in New Jersey.


The Best Home Alarm Systems in Toms River NJ

Honeywell Lyric Smart Alarm Panel with Keypad and Sensors
Honeywell Lyric Smart Alarm Panel with Keypad and Sensors

The best home alarm systems could be broken up into two categories. These systems are categorized as either “Professional” installations (done by a certified technician), or “DIY” which are assembled by the homeowner.

DIY alarm systems are typically less complicated to install and rely on wireless communications to work. Mounting the panels and sensors via screws or adhesive make for a very simple installation. Professional security panels are best left to technicians who are familiar with security systems. A benefit of professionally installed alarm systems could come from a stronger, more durable build quality or a wider array of features and capability. DIY kits are capable of providing a basic form of protection for the common homeowner. If you want the best in home security, a professionally installed alarm system will do a more effective job of securing your home. This is your home security. Is it worth messing up?

There is no clear-cut answer on the cost of home security systems because there are many variables between models. Some alarm panels connect wirelessly via the internet or cellular signals, while wired security systems use radio signals and are connected via wires. The cost of monitoring services that notify authorities in the case of an emergency can change depending on whom you apply with as well as the services they provide. The last consideration for the cost that some New Jersey homeowners may have not thought of is the additional cost of labor. If you are not installing a DIY system, a professional technician will be required to install it in your home. All of these different factors are what cause the prices of home security to vary so heavily.



How Much Does Alarm Monitoring Cost?

When comparing big-name providers, you can find professional monitoring services starting at $39.99 /mo* with ADT Home Security. In the DIY market, you can find alarm monitoring plans starting at $19.99 /mo* with a service like Protect America. These DIY prices can rise greatly, as seen with Frontpoint Security $35.99 /mo*.

What if you want a professional system installed with monitoring service but don’t have $40 a month to put out? We have the solution that will give your New Jersey home professional monitoring, at a lower cost than other major security providers. Central Jersey Security Cameras is partnered with award-winning COPS Monitoring. COPS Monitoring is among the top providers of professional monitoring services in North America. Central Jersey Security Cameras offers alarm systems with ‘COPS Monitoring’ professional monitoring service starting at $24.95 /mo with Internet, and $29.95 /mo with cellular backup.

COPS Monitoring w/ CJSC


$24.95 /month
Vivint Home Security


$29.99 /month
ADT Home Security


$39.99 /month
Frontpoint Security


$35.99 /month

*Listed price reflects the services’ basic professional monitoring plan.


What Alarm Monitoring Service is The Best?

While professional monitoring stations will respond and dispatch the authorities if your alarm system goes off, DIY “self-monitoring” simply sends a notification to the homeowner. These cut the costs of your alarm, but it ultimately adds the responsibility of resolving the issue yourself. To some, that may defeat the purpose of a home security system. Central Jersey Security Cameras offers panels that are professionally monitored as well as some that do not require that service. It is your home protection that you are investing in; the decision is up to the homeowner to decide which form of security suits them the best.

In our opinion, COPS Monitoring provides a top-tier monitoring and customer service experience at an affordable rate.


Home Security System Equipment

There are many different components to an alarm system; Our technicians at Central Jersey Security Cameras install these in New Jersey homes each day. The alarm panel and keypads are what homeowners are most familiar with. It’s the gateway that’s used to arm and disarm the alarm system. Modern smart alarms, such as the Honeywell Lyric or Qolsys IQ2+, have capabilities far beyond just connecting to your alarm. These advanced alarm panels can interact with access control systems, smart home thermostats, security cameras and much more. These are the gateway to smart home automation!

In addition to the advanced alarm panels, window/door sensors and motion sensors can be added to the system. These sensor attachments can secure each entry to your home. These sensors are very small and discreet. Burglars trying to get into your home won’t notice them until it’s too late.


Summary of Security System Costs


If you are paying for a professionally installed alarm system, you will need to pay an installation fee to cover the labor required for the installation.



The alarm panel, any keypads or sensors will vary depending on your security needs.



Central Station Monitoring is the service used to dispatch authorities if a breach occurs. While it is not necessary, most homeowners opt for this service to increase their security. A recurring fee is required.



Features and differences between alarm systems such as if you opt for Cellular backup, or if the alarm is wired or wireless, will cause a fluctuation in the price of the security system.


The Best Security Installers in New Jersey

Our goal at Central Jersey Security Cameras is to give New Jersey homeowners a complete alarm system at an affordable price. With such a wide variety of services, providers, and alarm systems to choose from it can be difficult to determine what’s best for you. Our field technicians & designers take full advantage of your budget and give you the best bang for your buck!

If you would like more information on an alarm system for your NJ home, call Central Jersey Security Cameras today! Our offices in Toms River and Freehold New Jersey are fully staffed from Monday to Friday, and open from 8 am to 6 pm.

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