Thermal Imaging Cameras: Proving Useful in 2020

Thermal Cameras Keeping us Safe

In March 2020, COVID-19 “Coronavirus”  swept the world upside down. New Jersey schools were closed and remote schooling quickly began. Numerous New Jersey businesses began closing or adopted a “work from home” model. Social distancing became the new normal. With the world changing so quickly due to the COVID-19 virus, many officials are hard at work to not only find a resolution and bring this grim chapter to a close but also find things along the way that can help slow the spread of this sickness and “flatten the curve”. Thermal Video Security may be the answer.

Now more than ever, we need to consider our safety when going out and running errands. Many places are no longer safe in today’s environment. Some of these include Schools, Arenas, Gyms, Nursing Homes, Warehouses, Churches, and many more.

There are many outlets already reporting on these New Jersey restrictions starting to lift, but how safe will social gatherings be? How will you feel sending your child off to school with this sickness still looming in the background? Will you sit in a movie theater surrounded by dozens of other strangers? Are you comfortable visiting in a public shopping center, Church, or doctor’s office? Without a system in place to detect a fever in these public places, we don’t think it would be very comforting to visit them.

Protect Your Business with Thermal Imaging Technology

Central Jersey Security Cameras is dedicated to keeping people safe and secure using the newest cutting-edge technologies available. In this dire time of need to identify a person’s health, we are introducing Thermal Temperature Screening video solutions. With thermal cameras placed in the entrance or foyer of your facility, you can oversee the health of anyone entering.

5 Benefits of Installing Thermal Imaging Cameras in New Jersey

  1. Screen temperatures with no contact within seconds
  2. Know the health of who you are interacting with
  3. Identify the health of who is entering your business, church, nursing home, etc.
  4. Screen a mass number of temperatures (up to 30) at a time
  5. Prevent the spread of sickness to avert a disaster or even loss of life.

What is a Thermal Imaging Camera?

Thermal Imaging Cameras are high-efficiency cameras that give a highly accurate reading of someone’s temperature within seconds. Because of the short amount of time it takes to read a temperature, there is no added congestion to your site during the screening process. Thermal Imaging Cameras can be placed in an entryway and take temperatures as people come in. This remote screening process will help practice social distancing, instead of having someone manually take temperatures in a “hands-on” traditional manner. Thermal Video Solutions can scan the temperature of up to 30 people at once at just 10 feet away. Our Thermal Camera systems allow for non-contact temperature measurement. The risk of infection is greatly reduced because of the lack of physical contact scanning a person directly is taken out of the equation.


Thermal Camera Setup at line queue in airport

Thermal Video Implementation in New Jersey

Temperature Screening / Thermal Video Cameras have a place for any public place in New Jersey that amass a large group of people. Below are some examples of places Central Jersey Security Cameras install Thermal Video Solutions in NJ.

Airport Temperature Screening

Airports are the gateways to and from travel destinations!

Eliminate the risk of spreading sickness to those traveling with you in a plane, or at your destination by detecting it early. Airports can take advantage of thermal video solutions by adding them to TSA queues or terminal entrances to prevent the spread of sickness.


New Jersey School Thermal Cameras

Keep schools sanitized, clean, and safe with thermal temperature screening technology. This can be implemented into nurses’ offices to check if children have a high fever or not and prevent the spread of illness.


Thermal Security in Churches / Places of Gathering

Church and other religious places of gathering are very social. Members tend to sit nearby and share things. To ensure a safe and clean gathering, consider temperature screening solutions for your location today.

Temperature Screening in Gyms in NJ

If you own a gym, you must keep an eye on who is entering your club. Members come in and out and share equipment all day which can be a major risk to the health of all members and staff. Thermal video solutions keep an eye on the health of all members when they check-in at the gym.


Nursing Homes Thermal Camera Safety

Before you begin letting people in to see their loved ones, don’t let them infect your facility. We must keep Nursing Homes and other Independent Living Communities sterile for the safety of guests and staff members. Many members of a nursing home can not risk being exposed to even a mild sickness, so preventing one from entering the facility is very important. This can be addressed by installing thermal cameras / a temperature screening station at the entrance or front desk.

Thermal Health Detection Screenshot

Available today for installation in New Jersey

What measures are you taking as a public business/place of gathering to ensure the safety of your customers, guests, & staff? Are you screening temperatures to allow entry? If not, you should contact us to keep your business safe and secure. Central Jersey Security Cameras certified technicians and system designers have been in the business for over 25 years and have plenty of experience in security camera systems for both homes and businesses. You can learn more about our Thermal Camera / Temperature Screening installation package here

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