Fraudulent Slip & Fall Claims in New Jersey

Prevent Slip and Fall Claims with CCTV Security Systems

There are many situations in which CCTV security camera systems prove their worth. Businesses in particular benefit a great deal because security cameras can be used to combat fraudulent slip and fall claims. Security cameras are among the best measures that an establishment can take to capture evidence against fraudulent slip and fall claims.

Video footage of an incident will allow for the events to be reviewed by legal personnel.

Risks Associated Slip and Fall Claims

If you are a business owner, it is important to be well prepared for any fraudulent claims to come up. These situations are unpredictable; it is something NJ business owners need to be proactive about in order to avoid bad legal cases down the line. There are many risks and inconveniences associated with falling victim to false claims.

On average, slip and fall claims can cost anywhere from $15,000 – $45,000
If a slip and fall claim is charged against you, your insurance will often go up significantly.
It can take months, or even a few years to resolve a slip and fall case.

Security Cameras to Protect NJ Homeowners

Businesses are not the only victim of these false slip and fall claims. As a homeowner, it may be in your best interest to secure your home property with CCTV as well. Most commonly, slip and fall cases in New Jersey residences happen on a homeowner’s sidewalk and/or staircase during the cold winter season. A security camera system that covers all of a home’s walkways and stairs would be all the proof that a homeowner would need to protect themselves from false claims. Landlords: If you own property and have tenants working, this peace of mind and an extra level of security could protect you as well!

New Jersey Businesses vs. Slip and Fall Claims

In 2019 video footage of a New Jersey man tossing ice on the floor and faking a fall went viral online. Not only was it an eye-opener for New Jersey business owners that displayed the lengths people would go to make false claims, but it also perfectly showcases the importance of a surveillance camera system.

Had his actions not been captured by a security camera, the New Jersey business could have faced lengthy and expensive legal battles.

Did you know?
Many insurance companies are giving incentives to business owners to have security cameras installed at their business, to support the added security. This addition can be all it takes to even stop these false claims from happening!

How to Prevent Fraudulent Slip and Fall Claims with CCTV

Security Camera CCTV Systems are the best way to protect your business from false claims that can drive your insurance rates up. With the addition of a surveillance camera system, you will always have proof of exactly what takes place at your business day or night. Slip and fall claims can take anywhere from months to years to settle. Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras, we offer options to increase DVR Storage to keep your footage safe for months on end.

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