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    Central Jersey security cameras provide security camera service in Mercer County, Central Jersey security camera owner Bob Murphy has been on the field for over 25 years bringing his “world” style by staying in touch with our customers personally. We take pride in learning and implementing the most advanced and effective security systems for businesses and residential areas.

    We do this by constantly testing new technologies to make sure you can get the best equipment at the right prices. Bob was published in the national security magazine in 2017 for his insight into the integration of IP technology.

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    Why central jersey security cameras?

    Central Jersey Security Cameras were selected and named as one of the 50 fastest growing security companies in the US by a nationally published commercial journal. They understand that each home and business has unique needs in their security systems and are proud to find a unique design that best suits each customer by keeping costs to our customers affordable.

    Central Jersey Security Cameras seeks to provide residential and commercial customers alike with the best security systems on the market. We provide sales and offer security camera installation. Burglar alarms, access control systems, and more throughout New Jersey. They want companies to feel secure about the technology they are selling and installing them. Central Jersey Security Cameras will allow you to monitor and control your online security system so you can watch your business or home from anywhere in the world with internet access.

    We believe in providing a safe and secure environment that will create and maintain a sense of safety and security for all.

    Central Jersey Security Camera Specialists are experts in our field. Thety can provide excellent advice and design in building the right system for our customers. We understand that every home and business has different requirements for their security plans. Therefore, they take pride in having a unique design that fits exactly with each customer. While keeping costs to our customers affordable.

    Find a solution that fits all your security needs:

    • If your current system no longer works, they can check it out and suggest the best route you can take to make everything back up and running again.
    • Provides all the latest security features used.
    • Our highly trained technicians do the job.
    • Usually at minimal cost to you.
    • Also as insurance – you can relax and know you are safe.

    Business Observation:

    We believe that the best security solutions are those that protect and grow your business. Central Jersey Security Cameras offers many video surveillance options for your business to minimize security incidents. They can find and install the best video surveillance system of any size business. A well-designed and well-monitored system can help you feel confident that your business is fully protected.

    Residential Observation:

    Whether you want to protect a small apartment or a large house they have a good option to watch your video. Nothing is more important than protecting your home, your family, and your security. Feel confident that your home is protected by well-equipped cameras inside and outside your home. From their vantage point you can even monitor your home while you are away.

    Security cameras in Mercer County
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    Why you need security cameras:

    • Keep an eye on aging parents – If you live with an elderly parent, video surveillance of living space in your home can be very helpful in an emergency. Our security systems incorporate remote viewing technology.
    • Reduce your home insurance premium – Using a Bucks home video surveillance program with Montgomery County PA can help. Many home insurance companies will lower your premium if you install a residential video surveillance system to protect you from theft and vandalism.
    • Capture criminals – If your home is burglarized or vandalized, catching a criminal on video can help authorities find the culprit. Video surveillance systems can also act as a barrier. Burglars are less likely to strike if they know that a video surveillance system is in place.
    • Protect your business – In the event that your business is robbed, having video evidence can be of great help to the police as they work to bring the perpetrator to justice.
    • Beware of property damage – It is not uncommon to hear of acts of vandalism affecting businesses in all areas of Bucks and Montgomery County. Every business owner is concerned about the harmful effects of vandalism. By installing business video surveillance technology, you can evict the underprivileged or catch them emerging.
    • Create a safe working environment – Looking for ways to keep your employees safe? The video surveillance system can be installed in the entrances and parking lots, so that your employees feel safe as they exit the building.
    • Video surveillance systems installed and monitored by Security ensures that your home and business remain safe.


    Central Jersey Security Cameras also provide their services in Hudson County. To avail the service of security cameras in Mercer County, visit the website.

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