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    When it comes to professional security cameras in Hudson County, Central Jersey Security Cameras has you covered. Central Jersey Security Cameras has been in the security business for many years. Starting out in New York under an affiliate name, we moved our main base of operations to Freehold, New Jersey.

    Central Jersey Security Cameras senior technicians bring many years of experience in security system design and installation, including the latest IP and high definition security camera systems as well as cutting edge alarm systems which include a wide array of automation.

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    Security Cameras in Hudson County

    Why central jersey security cameras?

    Central Jersey Security Cameras was selected and named one of the top 50 fastest growing security companies in the US by a nationally published trade magazine. They understand that each home and business have different needs in their security systems and take pride in finding the unique design that fits the best for each customer with keeping cost to our customers affordable.

    They are a full-service security installation company and have been serving the County of Hudson, NJ for over 15 years. The one thing we have noticed over the years is that there are no two business installations exactly the same. Listening to the client’s needs and designing the correct solutions is what sets us apart from our competition. They manufacture, install, service, and maintain our own line of PC Based DVR security systems.

    The reason they started manufacturing our own DVR security systems is because of their clients’ needs. They carry over 20 models of security DVRs and they can be adapted to meet your specific needs. All of their DVRs have Smart DVR Surveillance Technology with Motion Alerts, which includes:

    • Self-diagnosing technology.
    • System status reports (sent to you by text or email).
    • Automatic service request when the DVRs or cameras require service (we both get notified immediately).
    • Automatic backup of video data (in case of hard drive failure, theft, fire, flood or natural disaster).
    • Unlimited recording and storage capability, for life.

    Why security cameras in Hudson County are necessary?

    They should have surveillance cameras in public places because they ensure public safety. Rarely will anyone attempt to harm you when they know their actions are being recorded on camera? Cameras keep you and your personal property safe. Here are some of the reasons why you need security cameras in Hudson county and why these cameras are necessary for you:

    • The police can identify criminals recorded with cameras. Through surveillance cameras, the police can both prevent crimes from happening and can quickly solve criminal cases with material evidence.
    • In addition, surveillance cameras protect against property theft and vandalism. It is very difficult to get away with stealing something if there are cameras filming you. Therefore, the thief will often get caught. Surveillance cameras will catch the thief before, or during the process of committing the crime.
    • If no one is aware of the crime until after it has been committed, the surveillance footage is always a crucial piece of evidence during a police investigation. Surveillance cameras have and will provide a solution to many crimes.
    • Some people may say that we should not have surveillance cameras in public places. They claim that they invade privacy. The argument here, however, is why be out in public if you want privacy? Surveillance cameras are meant to keep you and other property safe, not to stalk you. Cameras are there not to invade a person’s privacy but to protect the public by deterring criminal activity and by providing material evidence when a crime has been caught on film.
    • Having cameras in public places makes people feel safe. If people know that there are cameras around them, they will most likely not do anything stupid. People feel safer in the knowledge that a potential mugger or attacker will be put-off by the presence of a camera.
    • Cameras, through video analytics, now have the ability to zoom in to reveal someone’s identity which can be beneficial to crime prevention when used in the correct way. The criminal can be apprehended quickly. Especially in abduction cases a video would be a great way of tracking down a person quickly and maybe preventing a death!
    • The growth of facial recognition and analytical software enables much greater predictive insights into criminal behavior and more accurate reporting.
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    Central Jersey Security Cameras.com  install, service, and monitor home alarm & security systems also in Mercer County NJ including burglar alarms, smoke and fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, environmental sensors for high water and temperature, video surveillance systems, and hazardous gas sensors for propane gas and sprinkler systems monitors.

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