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    If you’re looking for Security Camera Solutions in Edison. Our team can help you find the right security camera solution to keep your family and home safe. We offer Security Camera Solutions throughout New Jersey and nearby areas.

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     Security Camera Solution


    Businesses across New Jersey are starting to understand that investing in security cameras is no longer optional. Today, it’s one of many best practices for smart business owners who care about their employees and their customers.


    Security camera solutions aren’t a cure-all, but they can help your company reduce theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity. While also giving you additional data to use when pursuing justice. Many businesses from convenience stores to art galleries are seeing benefits after installing these surveillance systems.

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    Access Control Solution


    Identity protection has become a key aspect of personal security, as well as national security. Considering how quickly data breaches can happen. Having control over who has access to information is vital to your safety and the safety of others.


    Cameras alone aren’t enough to secure your property security systems that can help you integrate multiple layers of defense at once. Making them a smart choice for home or business owners alike. If you’re looking for effective solutions that protect both individuals and communities. Look no further than our access control systems.

    Connecting & Mounting the Cameras


    Before you connect and mount your security cameras, make sure to take a look at where you want to put them. Security cameras that are too far away from what they’re monitoring won’t be of much use, so think about where you need coverage. From there, it’s as simple as connecting your camera to its power source and choosing an option for mounting.


    Once you’ve placed your cameras around their desired areas, turn them on and check out how well everything works together. If something is wrong or doesn’t quite feel right, play around with positioning before committing to anything permanent.

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    Manage Remotely


    If you’re looking for security camera solutions, but don’t want to deal with bulky cameras and wires while you’re out at work or away on vacation. we have an alternative solution that’s ideal for small-to-medium businesses. Our systems are managed remotely from our secure servers.


    Giving us flexible options for positioning cameras and setting up alerts. so even if you can only spare a few minutes when you get home to check on your system, you know exactly what’s going on. You can monitor events remotely using our smartphone app or web portal, or have it sent directly to your email inbox. We also provide tools that allow you to review footage after an event has occurred and take action if necessary.

    Buildings & Commercial Network Wiring


    Having your surveillance camera system is a smart way to provide security for your home or business. Our experienced technicians can advise you on which cameras and systems are best for you and help you get it set up with minimal hassles. Whether you need a basic security camera solution or have more specific needs.


    Our experts will work hard to make sure your project goes smoothly from start to finish. For more information on Security Camera Solutions in Edison, contact us today.

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    Access Points Installations


    If you are looking for security camera solutions that can keep your home or business safe from would-be criminals, then it is important to invest in a reliable security system. One of these systems can include simple cameras but if you want to get comprehensive protection for your property.


    Then it is recommended that you contact experts who can provide more complex monitoring systems. However, with so many different companies and products on the market. It can be difficult to know which one to choose.

    Surveillance Cameras


    With rising crime rates, smart businesses have turned to surveillance cameras to protect their assets and employees. With today’s technology, systems can be built into existing business infrastructure quickly and easily, helping prevent any potential losses. Whether you need a single camera installed or a whole-building system with centralized video monitoring, there are numerous options available.


    When looking for security cameras for your business, make sure that your provider has extensive experience installing surveillance systems in high-crime areas. Our company provides full security camera solutions for your business.

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    Intercoms System Installations


    Whether you’re trying to protect your home or business, surveillance systems are key. A burglar will often avoid a property with cameras and alarms, so as well as giving you peace of mind they can reduce insurance premiums. Choosing a CCTV system isn’t easy though.


    There are dozens of things to consider, from image quality to storage space. If you’re worried about price or need help customizing one to suit your needs. Get in touch with us and we’ll find something that suits both your budget and requirements.

    24/7 Service Calls


    Our Company offers a 24/7 service calls line, which means we’re available to provide you with same-day repairs if your security cameras or video surveillance equipment ever fail. We offer a speedy response because we know how important it is to have your system operating at all times. Our team provides prompt repairs so that you can get back to enjoying life.


    We are committed to providing quick, quality service when you need it most and never charge extra for after-hours work. If your system breaks down after hours, our technicians will come to you promptly, so there’s no disruption of service or lost security footage.

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    When looking for a company to outfit your business with security cameras, it’s important to understand all of your options. With experience, you can count on our professional team at Edison Surveillance Cameras to help you choose and install commercial-grade surveillance equipment and monitor every detail of installation from start to finish.

    Our experts will work with you one-on-one and install a quality surveillance system at affordable prices that best suit your needs. All of our products are backed by manufacturer warranties. So, you can feel confident about providing a high level of protection for everything and everyone within your company’s reach.

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