Are You Securing Your Jersey Shore Home This Winter?

Jersey Shore Winter Security System

A Jersey shore beach home is a great getaway for any family when the weather starts to heat up. Whether your summer residence is in Belmar, Manasquan, Asbury Park, Sandy Hook, Seaside or any of the beautiful beach towns here in New Jersey, there are ways to make these homes accessible to you all year long. When thinking about NJ vacation homes, many nice things come to mind. The beach, surfing, taking in sun, and just strolling outside on a warm summer day. These Jersey Shore homes should always bring pleasant memories to mind! You wouldn’t want to be reminded of your shore house being burglarized when left vacant over the winter season. Upgrade your jersey shore home security this winter.


There are some things we can’t control, especially is we are not present in the situation. Mother nature comes and goes as she pleases whether you like it or not. Without eyes on the property you worked hard for, storms can damage your summer home without you knowing for months on end! The best solution for this would be to install security cameras indoors and outdoors. You can watch your jersey shore home property and see if you need to make a trip to fix a problem.

Why Protect a Jersey Shore Home during the Winter?

Empty beach houses are burglars’ favorite prey. Many people leave their summer homes alone for months and return hoping it is the same as they left it. They walk in accounting for all the valuables they left behind last summer. Taking this gamble on beach house security every winter is dangerous and stressful. Arm your home away from home with security cameras, burglar alarms, and confidence in the company doing so. We are here to make sure no one messes with your property & valuables, especially when you’re not there. Even if there is an emergency and you can’t get to your jersey shore home, you can call for police or have an alarm at your beach house to notify the authorities. With a burglar alarm armed during Winter, your property will be protected 24/7 without anyone even being there during the off-season.

Secure your Jersey Shore Home


My Jersey shore beach house had its own horror story this summer. Someone broke into the vacant building and used it for shelter. Our landlord quickly bought surveillance cameras after that for us so that it would not happen again. Security Cameras are the number 1 deterrent against trespassers and thieves. Luckily nothing was stolen, but he left our beach house a mess. Don’t be naive like I was! Arm your home with a burglar alarm or security camera system. Imagine I were at my beach house that night? It could’ve escalated into a dangerous situation.

Secure Your Shore Home with Central Jersey Security Cameras

Summer homes cost a pretty penny, especially here in the Jersey Shore. Whether you’re in Seaside, Belmar, LBI, Atlantic City or anywhere else along the Jersey Shore, don’t turn your investment into a burden on your bank account when something preventable occurs.

Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras, we strive to keep all of your properties safe and sound while you are away. Whether you are away for a night, or a season, let us be your eyes and ears. Visit our website www.centraljerseysecuritycameras.com or call us at (732) 333-0227 for more information on how to stay safe all year round.

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