Secure Your Beach Home This Labor Day

Secure your NJ Shore Home

Sadly it’s that time of the year, summer is ending and people are getting ready to leave the Jersey Shore. After Labor Day weekend we will pack up our sandy toys, put away the outdoor chairs, tie up the umbrellas, and sweep the deck one last time before the fall season comes. And for those of us fortunate enough to have summer homes, there is a ton of prep that goes into closing a beach house and making sure it is secure for the winter. But how can you really be sure that your home will be secure when you don’t have a security system?

Many families that own Jersey Shore beach houses in LBI, Beach Haven, Lavallette, Loveladies, and Surf City leave their summer homes with fond memories and end up coming back with missing electronics and valuables. Can you imagine, the beach home you work so hard for being cleaned out by thieves as you buckle down and work hard all winter? Unfortunately, here at Central Jersey Security Cameras, we hear this story all the time. This past summer, a now current customer of ours, had all of their 4k televisions stolen from their beach home. At the time they had no security system installed and were put into the position of having to file a claim with their insurance agency with little to no proof. No homeowner wants to be in that position, it is a frustrating and tedious process, and in the end, your insurance agency might just hike up your rates to make back the money they paid out replacing your stolen goods. The good news is that you can potentially avoid all of the grief by contacting Central Jersey Security Cameras and getting a quote for burglar alarms or security cameras. 

Security cameras today are extremely convenient and more affordable than you might think. Why worry all winter about your summer home, and take frequent and long drives to check on your property, when you can install cameras and download an application on your phone that would allow you to see your entire property day and night. Our cameras also come with software that includes line crossing detection. This technology allows you to create a virtual perimeter around your home and whenever a person, animal, or large object breaks that perimeter you can have the settings set so that a notification will be sent to your phone and the cameras automatically begin recording. Line crossing detection is state of the art and can help customers have a leg up on potential offenders who want to steal from your temporarily vacant home.

Our alarms provide the benefit of a deterrent, potential burglars want to get in and out of a home without anyone being aware of their presence until they are long gone. A study published by UNC Charlotte found that sixty percent of burglars were deterred by the existence of an alarm system which led them to seek an alternative target. The same study also showed that over eighty percent of burglars would check the home for an alarm before considering a break-in. Our alarms are also top of the line. The sensors we install can detect someone walking through your home, breaking a window, opening a door, pretty much any access point a burglar can think of we have covered. We also have alarm monitoring available for our products, our central station monitoring will call you the moment your alarm is activated and can have local authorities sent over to the property immediately. 

Alarm systems are extremely valuable for summer homes. One of our customers came back to her summer home to find people living in her property rent-free for months without her knowledge, which is why she decided to call us. Our alarm system would have notified her of the moment those people attempted to enter her home. Instead, she had to deal with removing strangers from her home, which who knows what they did while she was away. No one wants to be stuck in that position and most people think that it will never happen to them until it does. You should not have to worry about situations like this happening to you, call us at (732) 333-0227.

Unfortunately, it is that time of year and whether we like it or not, it is going to get cold again here by the Jersey Shore. So whether you’re visiting Beach Haven, Lavallette, Seaside Heights, Pt. Pleasant or Belmar Beach… enjoy your labor day weekend, get your home ready for the winter and prepare to hunker down for that first inevitable snowstorm. And from everyone at Central Jersey Security Cameras, we all hope that you all had an amazing summer and that you will continue to have a happy and productive fall and winter. We will be in the area ready to provide you with all of your security needs.

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