Security Installation Comparison


Central Jersey Security Cameras
Nationwide Provider
Independent Contractor

Central Jersey Security Cameras System Designers offer free on-site evaluations and consultations to build a system that both meets your needs and budget. This unique system is designed specifically for your property, Installed by trained professionals, and is guaranteed to make the most of your budget.

Nationwide providers offer a selection of pre-determined packages for the customer to buy. This results in settling for a system that may have more than you necessarily need, or isn’t optimized for your property/space.

DIY products can be littered with technical errors and troubleshooting during and following the installation. When it comes to home security, you don’t want to allow for such a wide room for error. An incorrect DIY security installation could result in home vulnerability.

When looking for a security installer, you want experienced professionals. More often than not, independent contractors do not specialize in all security systems. Additionally, if something were to go wrong with the security system, an independent contractor may be difficult to contact in the future.


Central Jersey Security Cameras keeps a team of experienced office personnel in it’s offices 5 days a week to assist with technical support and inquiries. Certified technicians are available for remote support and service work on all existing Central Jersey Security Cameras installed systems. Accessibility to your provider is key to maintaining a safe and secure property.

Nationwide providers may not always respond if an emergency takes place. If they do, the call center you reach could be from out-of-state. This could lead to prolonged support as they aren’t familiar with the area.

There may be tech support phone lines you can call to troubleshoot issues with DIY equipment, but oftentimes you are on your own when it comes to servicing. If you can’t find the time to service your DIY system, you’re extending the time in which your security is down and unusable. After service is required, customers usually find a professional to take over their security and service it. At that point, they find themselves questioning why they didn’t just save the time and money by getting professional installers to begin with!

Locating the contractor who installed your security system could be a difficult task following the initial installation. If you do find them, the service/support process may be cumbersome and time-consuming as they may not have an infrastructure in place to handle the scheduling and support of existing systems.

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