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Have you ever wanted to see what’s happening at your home? With Home Security Cameras installed by Central Jersey Security Cameras, you can do just that. We offer exterior residential cameras, driveway security cameras, doorbell cameras, interior home cameras, nanny cams, dome cameras, and more!

With our residential security system cameras you can set up a perimeter around your house, arm a specific area or individual cameras to send instant notification to your mobile device when the area is entered or “breached”. You will receive this notification that will include the persons or movement that triggered the alarm within seconds of it actually happening.

Home surveillance cameras in plain view are a “proven guaranteed deterrent” by persuading potential intruders to move on and skip your home. Residential Security Cameras help New Jersey home owners every day in protecting their possessions and valuables, homes, and loved ones.

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Driveway Security Cameras

Not only is the driveway a clear pathway to the front of your home that we’re sure you’d want to keep an eye on, but it also is where many people keep some of their most valuable and expensive investments. Their cars.

Car break-ins are all too common in New Jersey, and that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. The U.S Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation recorded an 11.8%  increase in car thefts from 2019 to 2020. That number was nearly 100,000 more cases, jumping from 724,872 in 2019 to 810,400 in 2020. These concerns are why driveway security cameras in residential neighborhoods are so important.

Front Door Video Cameras

One of the most popular placements for a residential security camera is overlooking the front door. This can be accomplished by installing an exterior surveillance CCTV camera on the front porch, or the front facing wall of the home, or alternatively you can watch over your front door with a doorbell camera.

Front door cameras & video doorbells have become ever so popular due to their convenience and ease of use. Because the front door is the most-used entry and exit for most homes, its a great way of keeping entry to your home safe and secure. It can also conveniently be used to keep track of packages left at the front door, see who is knocking on your door, or checking-in on when the kids get home from school.

Outdoor Security Cameras

While some burglars will try to inconspicuously enter through a front door, many burglars will scope out alternative ways of entry, including sneaking through a back door or side window. If they can’t “act natural” and enter through a normal entry point, they prefer to sneak or break in somewhere that’s less visible.. such as a back door.

That’s why when designing home security systems, its very common to cover the entire perimeter of the home, including the back yard. Back yard security and perimeter protection completely eliminates “blind spots“. What that means is, you will have a full 360° view of your home. If someone were to try and break in to your house, you would have video evidence of their every step!

Did you know? : Studies show that homes are 40% less likely to be burglarized when security cameras are visibile.
Home Security Camera Installation by Central Jersey Security Cameras Technicians
Home security cameras being installed by Central Jersey Security Cameras

We offer the best line of support VS other security options:

  • We give a full tutorial on the day of your installation
  • We have over 30 helpful videos on our site located in the “Help” tab
  • We offer free remote support to troubleshoot if any issues arise.
  • We offer a direct line to the manufacturer of your security equipment if necessary

Our security cameras have been installed in over a couple of thousand homes in New Jersey over the years and we continue to have a relationship and support all of our customers when called on to do so.

A few words from the Owner of Central Jersey Security Cameras, Bob Murphy

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received calls from our clients. Who already have our cameras installed in their home to tell us that their neighbor to the left or right of them had been victimized or robbed. Well there is a good reason why they didn’t pick the house in the middle…they have security cameras looking back at them.

Even burglars are aware that the amount of time it takes for someone to be watching them in real time is instantaneous from the time they step onto the property or in view of the cameras. If you were a burglar would you try to rob someone’s house if they were standing there looking back at you with a phone in their hand? Well, that’s exactly what the cameras can do for you- be your eyes when you’re not home in real time, especially with instant notifications sent to your mobile device within seconds”

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