Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones – Consider a Security Camera System to Keep Your Family Safe!

Protect your Elderly Loved Ones – Consider a Security Camera System to Keep Your Family Safe!

Protect Your Elderly. Adult communities have a lot of perks ranging from their clubhouses filled with different activities to no longer needing to shovel snow or mow your own lawn. Although this is a great option for the elderly to live, we still need to ensure that their homes are safe and protected. What is stopping someone from breaking into your gated community home?

Typically, adult communities have decorative gates and fencing at the entrances and around the community. Would this really stop a determined burglar from just parking somewhere nearby and walking right in or hopping the fence? The elderly are a target for burglars because they can usually easily overpower them and take their valuables without much of a fight. An elderly man from St. Louis, Missouri is currently recovering from a burglary that happened inside his home on April 19, 2019. The elderly victim was sitting outside on his porch when a masked man approached him and pulled out a gun. The victim was then forced inside his home and struck in the face with the gun. The burglar stole the victims’ cell phone and other belongings before fleeing the scene. This incident was caught on an interior security camera the victim had inside his home. Capturing these unfortunate events on the camera will give the authorities a better picture of those responsible and will show them exactly what took place. Let’s keep our elderly parents safe and secure with the help of Central Jersey Security Cameras.

Elderly Man Pistol whipped in home burglary – Fox News

Keep an eye on those who matter to you

Do your parents or grandparents live in a gated community? Installing security cameras in their homes will be a huge relief knowing that you can check on them if they aren’t answering your phone calls or you haven’t heard from them in a couple of days. Not only will security cameras protect your loved ones by being a deterrent for intruders, but they reek the benefits much more than that. By installing security cameras in their homes, you will be able to actually see what they are up to. Unfortunately, burglars and thieves aren’t the only people that raise concern when thinking about your elderly parents living alone. Have you considered getting a home health aide to go to their home? You need to make sure that whoever you choose to take care of your elderly loved ones are giving them the proper care they need while also treating them with respect and dignity. We can set up nanny cams in their homes so you will be able to actually see what is taking place if a home health aide does go to their home. We all worry about our elderly loved ones when we can’t physically be there with them. Not only will security cameras give you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are okay, but it can also be lifesaving for them. With security cameras placed inside the home, you will be able to see mom cooking in the kitchen while ensuring she’s safe around the stove. With the placement of outdoor cameras, you can check in and see that dad is safe while out in the yard or walking up the front steps. Everyone needs that added home security no matter what age, however with today’s advanced technology there are many benefits to installing security systems for our elderly loved ones.

Keep Your Home Safe

Be Alerted

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an alert sent to your phone when someone walks up to your parent’s house or pulls into their driveway? Well, now you can! With our professionally installed HD security cameras, we have a feature called line intrusion we can set up to your cameras. Line intrusion works by setting your own area in which you would want to be alerted if it became breached. For example, if you want to receive an alert to your phone when someone pulls into your parent’s driveway you would go into the software and draw lines in the front of the driveway. These lines are only set by you, therefore, they aren’t visible to the human eye. There are also sensitivity settings that you have the option to adjust. If you don’t want to be alerted if a rabbit hops into their driveway you would simply adjust the sensitivity setting to measure larger objects. If the set area becomes breached, you will receive an alert right on your smart device. Line intrusion is a free bonus to having your security cameras professionally installed by us.


With the advances in today’s technology, electronic/technical products are much easier to use than they used to be. Central Jersey Security Cameras offers the most innovative alarm panel called UltraSync. This was originally put out by GE and subsequently, Interlogix bought the alarm/intrusion portion of the GE business. Interlogix is always on top of innovation making their products better with new revisions and releases. Below is a list of some of the features our customers are enjoying with the UltraSync self-contained alarm panel.

  • Completely wireless set up
  • Fast, neat, easy installation
  • Reliability and ease of use
  • Home automation integration

Free remote management of the alarm include:

  • Remote arming
  • Remote bypassing of sensors
  • Instant sensor notifications sent to smart devices
  • Remote door lock control/garage door
  • Remote light controls
  • Remote thermostat controls
  • Instant video verification with connected cameras triggered by alarm sensors
    • The best part, all of this at no additional monthly charge other than a basic monitoring fee

Ultra Sync Smart Home Automation

With all these convenient features you can now help your elderly loves ones by helping monitor them. With the heat of the summer coming you will be able to monitor that their home is at a comfortable temperature by checking/adjusting the thermostat. If they lost their keys at the community club house, you will be able to unlock their door even if you are hours away. These features will give you peace of mind knowing you can ensure they are safe and comfortable right from the palm of your hand.

Our team of well-trained technicians will help you choose which products and product placement will be most beneficial to you and your loved ones. They will do a thorough walk through of the property and answer any questions you may have about the installation process. They will keep you updated on all progress during the install and give you full instructions on how to use your new security system at the end of the install. If you have any questions after they leave, we offer a help tab on our website that has step by step instructions you can follow along with. Our technicians are also in our office daily to answer any of your questions. Our techs receive monthly training on our products to keep their knowledge fresh and up to date. We do our best to ensure that you have all the information you need to properly use your system. To get the protection your elderly loved ones need and call Central Jersey Security Cameras today for a full home audit. Call us today at 732-333-0227 or visit our website centraljerseysecuritycameras.com

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