Thermal Cameras in NJ Health Care Offices

Thermal Healthcare Solutions Temperature Screening

The New Normal for New Jersey Health Care Offices

Recently, New Jersey Health Care offices including dentist offices, podiatrists clinics, and more have been adapting to the “new normal”. With health care facilities being a necessity in the modern-day, they are taking precautions like never before. OSHA has new guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19, which applies to health care facilities, dental offices, orthopedic/rehabilitation centers, and many more.

We have been in communications with dental offices looking to implement security solutions as an added precaution. They’ve given us some insight into practices that are currently being used to keep health care centers sanitary.

One dental office located in Jackson, New Jersey is having its staff come to work with a change of clothes. When they enter the building they are having all employees change on-site immediately, and then back following their shift. This is being implemented to reduce the spread of anything entering the office and even going back to the workers’ home.

Another dental office we are working closely with, located in Manchester, NJ is also taking extra safety precautions. Employees are wearing not one, but two masks at all times. They are also equipped with face shields as well.

All of these added safety measures are great, but what more can health care facilities in NJ implement to secure their establishments from COVID-19 Infections?

Thermal Cameras in New Jersey Business

Thermal Cameras Can Help NJ Health Care Offices

What else can dentists, gynecologists, podiatrists ophthalmologist’s & more do to keep their staff and guests safe? One option we recommend is adding thermal video cameras. Thermal video cameras can be used to check the temperature of guests within seconds, and without any hands-on operations by a user. This means you can install thermal video cameras in your NJ health care facility and let that automatically screen people’s temperatures. This is a great alternative compared to someone manually checking temperatures with a traditional thermometer.

Thermal Video Solutions can scan the temperature of up to 30 people at once at just 10 feet away. If the cameras detect an alarming temperature, the staff immediately get notified. This instant & automatic detection is the best way to prevent a potential health threat from entering the building and interacting with staff and guests. Thermal camera systems are the best non-contact temperature measurement tool for health care offices and facilities. With many different models available, you may be wondering which is best for you; Read more about our thermal camera models here.

Benefits of Thermal Cameras in Healthcare Facilities

  • Staff will feel safer
  • Patients will have peace of mind in waiting rooms
  • Prevent the spread of illness
  • Maintain sanitary health care establishments in New Jersey

Thermal Cameras Installed by Central Jersey Security Cameras

Our goal at Central Jersey Security Cameras is to keep up-to-date on the newest and most effective forms of security available for homes and businesses in New Jersey. With New Jersey businesses, attractions, and health care offices expecting to gain traffic again, it’s important to practice the proper precautions to stay safe. Central Jersey Security Cameras staff is fully prepared and eager to help New Jersey businesses return strong and enter the “new normal” safely & securely. Installing thermal imaging cameras is the first step that a business expecting high foot traffic should take.

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