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The Best Security for New Jersey Schools K-12

We specialize in the installation of security cameras and access control. If you already have an existing security system and would like it upgraded, we can do that. We can also leverage your existing wiring infrastructure in most cases. If you don’t have a security system, we would be more than happy to help you get one up and running.

Security Cameras

We install surveillance cameras on the exterior of the buildings as well as the interior. In the event you need to go back and review footage, you can since most of the footage is stored between 30 days and one year

Video Intercom Systems

We have installed video intercoms at the front door with the ability to see, speak to and buzz visitors into the building from anywhere in the school.

Access Control Systems

We have installed access control throughout the schools securing all entry/exit doors with the ability to lock down all doors with one touch, even from a mobile device. All personnel are issued key fobs for access. Doors can be automatically set on a lock/unlock schedule.

ATTENTION SCHOOLS | Did you know the Department of Education sets aside an annual budget that can be applied to a school security system?

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Surveillance During a School Shut-Down

Even when classes are not being attended, security cameras watching over the property are a necessity. Security cameras prevent vandalism and crimes from being committed on the property. Visible security cameras are one of the most effective deterrents that educational institutions can have. If a potential criminal thinks there is even the slightest possibility of being caught, they’re considerably less likely to commit the crime. This deterrent not only keeps the property itself protected but also the expensive supplies and equipment held inside the schools that are used for education.

CDVI Door Access Keypad Lock on Door in Office

Access Control Installation in New Jersey Schools

Gone are the days when you could just walk into a school In New Jersey. Now you walk up to a door, show your ID and then get buzzed into the building via an access control system. Access Control systems are typically the first security measure that is put in place to prevent an invasion. Access control limits and allows tracking of who enters and exits the building at all times. This door lock integration allows the receptionist or any other staff member assigned to lock and unlock the door for guests at their discretion. Central Jersey Security Cameras has worked with schools in Ocean County, Monmouth County and Middlesex County in New Jersey with installing these “buzzer” access control systems. Additionally, security cameras are placed at the entrance of schools so that the office can see who is at the door as they are walking up.

Intercom systems are integrated as well so that the receptionist can speak to the person at the front door safely before entering them into the building. The combination of security cameras, access control, and intercom systems make for very effective security at the front entrance of the school.

Verification Factors

Verification factors can be set in place to make unlocking a door easier for staff and faculty members.

There are three types (factors) of authenticating information:

  • e.g. a password, pass-phrase or PIN.
  • Items like smart cards or key fobs.
  • An individual’s fingerprint, verified by biometric measurement.

If a school or campus must enter a lockdown, authorities can use security cameras to view what is happening everywhere in the school. If implemented, this advantage can be crucial to taking down a threat before things get worse.

This system is pivotal in restricting who enters the building; for the safety of students ranging from elementary school, up to college campuses.

Protecting Schools with Security Cameras

While all schools share common places such as Auditoriums, Cafeterias, & Libraries, the layout and scale between them can vary. At Central Jersey Security Cameras we create custom installation packages to perfectly fit the need of each institution’s security. Throughout our companies’ 25 years of experience installing security systems, we worked for many schools throughout the state of New Jersey. Here are some locations that we have found many clients consider when upgrading your school’s security. Security cameras being placed in school hallways help administrators see where students are always going. They are used in the investigation of petty crimes and provide the proof needed to combat bullying. They are the best way to see a mass number of students at once.

Kid in School working with pencils apple and book

Auditorium Security Cameras

Even during a performance adolescents/young adults are not always on their best behavior. They may feel that they can get away with something if all eyes are on the stage. Teachers cannot possibly watch over hundreds of seats at every moment. With a CCTV surveillance camera system, If an incident comes up, the camera footage can be reviewed for evidence.

Cafeteria Security Cameras

The school cafeteria is always very dynamic. They have many entrances, and kids are usually very dispersed around the large room. There is a lot to keep an eye on and a lot can be missed with a single traditional security guard. Getting on and off-line to buy food, moving between tables to socialize with friends. With security cameras, the entire room can be watched over and looked back at if needed.

Security Cameras in Classrooms

Having surveillance CCTV camera systems installed in New Jersey school classrooms can provide many different benefits.

  • Security cameras can be accessed by school administrators to check-in on the daily activities in the classrooms.
  • Remote schooling- Children that have to miss class due to illness can now log onto their classroom and see a lesson taught they may have missed.
  • If an incident occurs in the classroom, school administrators can review the footage to view what events took place.
  • It is common for Preschools to give parents access to view live footage remotely. With this, they can check-in and see their child during the day.
Here are some schools and educational institutions we have installed security systems for throughout New Jersey
  • Paterson Board of Education – Paterson, NJ
  • Somerset County Education Services – Somerset, NJ
  • Stratford Board of Education – Stratford, NJ
  • Freehold Regional Schools – Freehold, NJ
  • Howell High School – Howell, NJ
  • Ocean Gate School – Ocean Gate, NJ
  • Laurel Springs Elementary – Laurel Springs, NJ
  • New HS Learning Center – Short Hills, NJ
  • Princeton Charter School – Princeton NJ
  • St. Gregory the Great Academy – Hamilton Sq, NJ
  • The Rugby School – Wall, NJ
  • Tower Hill School – Red Bank, NJ
  • Alpine Montessori School – Oak Ridge, NJ
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary School – Asbury Park, NJ
  • First Christian Pentecostal – Jersey City, NJ
  • Franklin Township School – Quakertown, NJ
  • The Goddard School of Bordentown – Bordentown, NJ

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