Crimes Captured by Security Cameras | February 2020

Crimes Captured in News February 2020

Security cameras prove their worth with each passing day that they are up. They are most commonly associated with criminal offenses. This is a natural connection to make because security systems prove to be most relevant when crime is captured. They help serve justice and bring order. Security cameras lend a big hand in resolving conflict, and without them, many cases would go unsolved. These are crimes captured by security cameras in February 2020.

Today we have a handful of recent news stories where security cameras have captured some bizarre and shocking video footage. The security cameras in each instance help accurately depict events that no one was physically around to witness it. Without the security camera footage, some of these cases could have gone on and been left unresolved forever. Let’s take a look at each of the security camera footage from the news stories below.

Security Camera Captures Car Crashing Into Home

Caught on Security Camera Car Crash into home
Firemen respond to report of a car crashing into a home

To start, we have a shocking video that is a MUST watch. It would be just as shocking to come home to this with no explanation of how this happened. The security camera footage at the very least would help make out the events that took place. In this story, a family had just left home for their day when disaster struck… literally. As you can see, a car crashed into Camilla Johnson’s home while she and her son were gone. Their surveillance camera system completely captured the crash. Luckily, her neighbor was also on the scene and witnessed the crash.

Thanks to the nature of this incident, the vehicle completely identifies the driver. Because of this, if the driver had driven away, police would have complete video evidence of the identity of the culprit. The security camera footage makes for an interesting watch. A vehicle crashing into someone’s home is not something you see every day. The article provided by WFSB states, “while it’s unclear what caused the crash, first responders immediately took the driver to a local hospital.”

Man Leaving Feces at Church Caught on Camera

Yes, you read that title correctly! This article from CBS Sacramento is nothing short of bizarre. Last month, The Universal Church in Stockton captured a homeless man littering feces on the church property. This was recorded with the security cameras the church has on its property. The article shares “The Universal Church of Stockton declined to comment about the incidents or the man who was caught on their surveillance cameras”

Man Vandalizing Church Captured on Video
Man Vandalizing Church Captured on Video

The nearby residents felt very uncomfortable, and we don’t blame them! If we had to worry about something like this in Freehold New Jersey, we would not be happy! This story is just bizarre and uncomfortable. However, thanks to the security cameras, we have footage of the act! We hope that could be enough to identify the man or scare him enough to never do something like this again!

While nothing will prevent crime from happening, we sure are glad we have security cameras to deter criminals and record reckless behavior. It doesn’t matter if a person is not directly shown on video or not. Mannerisms, and insignia on their clothing are enough to get a lead. As made clear from these articles, security cameras can even define time frames that incidents occur. Additionally, they can capture vehicles associated with the suspect. To conclude, this is valuable information that no one would have without the moderation of security cameras.

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