Monmouth County PD Urges Residents to Set Alarms

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Monmouth County PD Urges Residents to Set Alarms

Crime and theft have reached an all-time high in New Jersey, and it’s time for homeowners to take action.

Recently, Monmouth County has started putting out signage warning residents to lock their cars & valuables and set their alarms. This is an unfortunate sign of the times and leaves many homeowners wondering what they can get to best protect their homes & loved ones.

There are many different types of home security systems to choose from; & because everyone’s needs are different, and no two homes are the same, it can be very difficult to find which is the best solution for you.

Here are the best steps you can take to protect your home in 2023

An active alarm system is something that all homes in New Jersey should have.
With an alarm system, many different sensors placed throughout the home report to the main alarm panel, which notifies you if any activity is reported. An alarm system also provides both 24/7 monitoring and immediate response from police in the event of an emergency..

There are undoubtedly benefits to arming yourself with a top-of-the-line alarm system, but you can also add another layer of protection by using the Line Crossing Detection / Intrusion Detection feature of security cameras.

While an alarm system is great for alerting the homeowners & authorities once a break-in has already occurred, Line Crossing Detection will send you an alert before someone even gets to your home.

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How does Line Crossing Detection work?

Line Crossing Detection acts like an invisible trip wire placed around the perimeter of your property. When a person or car crosses the line, it sends you an alert on your smartphone. This allows you to see who is coming & going from your home and potentially catch thieves before they’ve done damage to your property.

The best part about Line Crossing Detection is that it’s completely invisible; no one will know that they’re being monitored or detected. This gives you valuable time to take action and call the police before the intruder causes any damage.

Remember: Security cameras provide an excellent form of evidence.

When police are provided with verifiable video footage of an intruder, they can respond more rapidly than when responding to an ambiguous alarm signal.

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Here’s what we recommend:

An alarm system is the perfect base-level protection your home needs. With 24/7 central station monitoring and active alerts, you’ll have peace of mind that sirens will deter any threat & that authorities will be alerted if any issues arise.


For the next level of home security, a professional security camera system is a must-have. With high-resolution video and audio capabilities, these systems can be set up to capture every detail of any break-in attempt or other incident. Advanced features like Line-Crossing Detection mean you’ll never miss a thing when it comes to catching criminals in the act.

With advanced technology and easy-to-use mobile apps, these systems are the perfect way to keep your home safe and secure in 2023.

The Time To Protect Yourself Is Now!

When it comes to the safety of your home or business, you want to be sure that the right people are protecting you. There’s no denying that installing security is complicated, with a wide range of technical considerations, licensing regulations and legal requirements. Central Jersey Security Cameras has the experience and expertise to make sure you get all of the necessary steps taken in order to meet your specific needs. Our certified technicians have been working professionally in the security & life safety industry for many years, and we have consistently maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For years, we’ve been providing our clients with the best sales and service in New Jersey—and now it’s time for us to do it for you.

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