Kidnapping Captured On Security Cameras

Karol Sanchez Security Footage

Karol Sanchez was quickly becoming a household name in less than 24 hours. The 16-year-old girl living in Bronx, NY was seen getting kidnapped while walking with her mother. The Security Camera footage went viral. The video was an unfortunate reminder that even though you are with your mother or father or you are with your child, you are not always as safe as you think. It is a jaw-dropping situation. As parents, we think that when our children are outside and traveling alone, they are unsafe and we wish we could be by their side. This was not the case for Karol. Her mother was right beside her and the two men knocked her mother to the ground while dragging Karol into their vehicle. In circumstances such as this, there is almost nothing a parent can do aside from hope that their child is okay, and pray that someone is willing to come forward with information on the suspects.

Luckily, there is a happy ending to this horrible scenario. Using the security camera footage, the NYPD was able to track down the criminals and return Karol back to her mother. With this security camera footage, we were able to see what kind of car took Karol, how many people were involved, and exactly what time she was taken. It is a hard concept to grasp that without this security technology, Karol might never have been found. Instead, she was later returned unharmed, a miracle to many people who watched the video. Maybe, since the video did go viral, the criminals got scared and this prevented any harm that might have been done. Although that might only be speculation, the truth is that camera evidence is sometimes the only evidence available when incidents like this happen.

When you get cameras installed you are not just protecting yourself, but anyone who happens to be passing by. Modern technology, such as surveillance cameras, keep us safe in many ways. Having eyes out there to prove and account for crime is a priceless commodity for our communities. We are thankful to the Bronx community and the home or business that had these cameras up to catch the criminal and help save Karol Sanchez’s life. It is a happy ending to a typically hopeless situation. Keep your home safe, your business safe, and your community safe. We are beyond proud to be in a business that can potentially save someone’s life.


The article was covered by many news outlets. Here is a write-up by CNN that covered the kidnapping and safe return of Karol Sanchez.


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