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NJ Home Security Residential Tips

New Jersey home security will help homeowners feel at ease. Whether you are in Central Jersey, or over by the Jersey Shore, these NJ home security tips with locks, alarm monitoring, and security cameras can be used by anyone. Central Jersey Security Cameras has been installing security solutions for homes all throughout New Jersey for over 25 years. With a team of experienced evaluators, installers, and designers; we have years of insight in home security. These are our top tips to improve the security of your New Jersey home!

Effortless Improvements to Secure NJ Homes

Securing your New Jersey residence doesn’t have to be a big expensive project. While installing an alarm system or security cameras to protect your property could give NJ homeowners peace of mind; it’s not the only way to protect your house. These simple, effective measures can help improve security in your home.

Close Your Homes’ Blinds & Shades

One aspect of deterrence is to make sure you can discourage persons from looking around your house. Closing your blinds and shades is a good method for deterrence. Blocking the visibility of windows prevents anyone from looking inside a home. It’s also a good way to regulate indoor temperatures and conserve energy, blocking excess heat from the outside and reducing the amount of heat that passes through a home.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Regrettably, wireless internet, while great for our devices and entertainment, have also given criminals a chance at infiltrating a home through it’s network. Thieves are always attempting to adapt at infiltration, and Wi-Fi is a good way for an unwanted person to access your home. Make sure your network is strengthened by a good, strong password for protection, using capital letters, symbols, and numbers. A site that may be helpful to use is https://howsecureismypassword.net/

Secure Your Homes’ Garage

For New Jersey homeowners with garages, securing them is incredibly important. In addition to protecting valuables, the garage door does create another barrier to prevent unwanted entry from a burglar. The Honeywell alarm system can secure garages remotely. It also gives alerts if motion activity is detected. Keep an eye on your garage and don’t exclude it from your home security evaluation!

Honeywell Lyric Alarm Panel in New Jersey Home

Front Door Security Tips

The epicenter of security is the front entryway. If you are a new jersey homeowner thinking of installing a security system, the first place they should add to is their front doorway. Whether you are replacing the door lock or adding motion sensors to the surrounding windows by your front porch, these additions are necessary for your home security.

Lock your doors and windows

Locking your doors and windows is a simple, but important step that can go a long way in securing your home. Making sure all doors and windows are secure is the easiest line of defense to prevent burglars from infiltrating your property. This also includes outer screen storms doors that cover doorways. Our Honeywell alarm system uses sensors that can alert when a window or door has been opened or broken into.

Do You Have a Strongly Secured Door?

Take a good look at your front door. Could you knock the door down if you tried? Is it in good shape? If you can’t confidently answer these questions, it’s time to get a new, more secure door. If an intruder is trying to kick in your door, but it is giving him or her trouble, it may deter them from trying to enter your home and move on to an easier door to kick in. A strong barrier makes a huge difference.

Where is Your Lock Located?

Another good trick to keeping your entryway safe is making sure that there is not a lock on the outside of your door, only on the inside. A lock can easily be picked especially if the person trying to pick it knows what they are doing. Do not give a criminal the option of being able to easily unlock your door and get into your home. Only you should be able to use the lock!

Surveillance Camera & Alarm Installation in NJ Homes

An extra set of eyes can take your home security to another level. Surveillance camera systems watching your property will increase your residence’s safety. You can receive alerts on your phone when there is a movement by the entrance, and you’ll have peace of mind when you can check and see the cause. If your New Jersey home is targeted and someone is trying to break in, you should call the police immediately.

Security cameras to homes has seen a popular increase over the past few years. This spike in popularity could be directly correlated to the introduction of the ‘doorbell camera’. These smart doorbells have video cameras in them that record based on motion activity or the press of the doorbell. It is an affordable and seamless way to integrate surveillance camera systems to your home. This has been proven to be a very effective security solution for porches, front doors, and entryways.

Alarm Monitoring to Protect New Jersey Homes

In the event of an emergency, an alarm system is the fastest way to alert the police. Alarms that are subscribed to a Central Station Monitoring company are protected 24/7 by trained professionals. If the alarm goes off, and you fail to respond to the operators, the police will be dispatched out to your residence. This is the quickest way of calling attention to an emergency- and requires no input from the homeowner if they are under distress.

We have an entire article written up that highlights the benefits of an alarm system in New Jersey homes. We recommend reading it if you are interested in alarm monitoring for your home.

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