How to Secure Your Business at the Jersey Shore?

Jersey Shore Business

How to Secure Your Business at the Jersey Shore?

With the Summer months quickly approaching, be sure to keep your place of business on the Jersey shore safe and secure. With the beaches, boardwalks, arcades, and restaurants our state has to offer it’s no surprise that it gets much more populated here during the Summer months. People from all over travel here to New Jersey to spend their Summer breaks and enjoy our wonderful weather and nice beaches. Beach towns see thousands of people every day in the Summer which can be stressful for those who own a business down the shore. Let us here at Central Jersey Security Cameras help in ensuring that your place of business is as safe and protected as possible, even when you aren’t there.

Why should I have cameras at my business on the shore?

There are many reasons why installing security cameras at your business is beneficial to you and your employees. You will be able to keep an eye on your employees and the people entering your business throughout the day even when you aren’t there. People tend to let loose during the warmer months and spend a lot of their free time at the shore. Our beaches and boardwalks are a huge attraction for people of all ages. Many of our boardwalks here in New Jersey offer arcades, places to eat, boardwalk games, rides, and several bars. Many people spend their weekends at the boardwalks for a good time and to grab a few drinks with friends. Alcohol can alter people’s decision-making skills and can cause people to act in rowdy and irresponsible ways. Make sure your business and the people in it are as safe and secure as possible. Not only are security cameras beneficial during the Summer months, they will give you peace of mind during the Winter as well. Of course, the boardwalks aren’t as busy once the colder months come, but you will be able to make sure your business is safe. You should make sure your business is being watched around the clock all year long. With the installation of security cameras, you will be able to capture if any theft, violence or rowdy behavior is happening in your business, thus allowing you to contact the proper authorities. Let our technicians here at Central Jersey Security Cameras help you in deciding which cameras best suit your business to keep it safe and secure.

What is the best option for me to secure my business?

With the installation of security cameras, you will be able to keep an eye on your business even when you aren’t there. Trying to keep track of every single person who enters your workplace can be overwhelming and almost impossible. Let Central Jersey Security Cameras help! Our well-trained technicians will help you in deciding which of our products will work best for your place of business and help in choosing the best placement of the cameras while also meeting your budget and your needs. Our NVR, DVR, or IP cameras all have a feature called line crossing detection, or intrusion detection. Line crossing detection instantly detects any motion within a certain set area. This area is personally set by you and is only a virtual line that you created, therefore it is not visible to the human eye. If a motion is detected in the area that you have set, you will automatically receive an alert right to your smartphone. Make sure you know who is at or around your place of business before, during, and after hours. The technical support personnel is available in our offices daily to answer any questions you may have about the functionality of your system.

What Stores and Businesses Use?

Stores and businesses use a wide variety of cameras to monitor the people entering and exiting their buildings. These cameras are used to reduce theft and to improve the overall safety for everyone in the building. Not only do business owners install security cameras to keep an eye on their merchandise, they also install them to keep an eye on their employees. Unfortunately, not all dangers to your business come from just customers. 64% of all small businesses fall victim to employee theft, and fraud. Many losses that come from employee theft are cash losses, with $20,000 being the average loss. Having security cameras in your place of business will deter people from stealing and will allow you to contact the proper authorities in the case that an individual does steal or is involved in risky behavior in or around your business. Let our technicians here at Central Jersey Security Cameras install cameras pointing at your registers to ensure the cash going in and out of your store daily is being properly handled. Security equipment such as locks, video intercoms, access control, and security cameras can help act as barriers or even a deterrent to crime. With the use of personalized ID’s and key fobs, it makes it nearly impossible to enter the vicinity of your office space without proper clearance. Technology like this is what gives business owners peace of mind and helps in ensuring that their business is safe and being well taken care of when they aren’t present. Keeping your business safe and protected can be a stressful job. Let Central Jersey Security Cameras can give you peace of mind by helping you secure your business, call us today and have your business evaluated for a security surveillance system.

Here are a few tips to help reduce risky behavior at your business:

  • Conduct a background check on your employees
  • Install an access control system allowing employees to enter only areas needed for them to do their jobs
  • Place security cameras around areas where money is exchanged or kept
  • Make daily bank deposits to minimize the amount of cash on the premises
  • Close and lock doors to areas where valuable products or supplies are stored. Use fencing and locked gates to protect equipment and supplies kept outdoors

Can the cameras view clearly at night?

An infrared security camera has infrared lighting (light from a different region of the electromagnetic spectrum than we normally use to see) installed around the outside of the lens of the camera. This lighting allows the camera to capture a good image with no light. With a little bit of light (called low light) the infrared camera can capture a picture that looks just like daytime. Keep in mind that even at nighttime there is normally some light from the moon, stars, or street lights which will allow the camera to capture a clear image.

Infrared cameras do not do well in outdoor housings because the infrared light reflects off the glass of the housing. Some people get acceptable results if the camera is flush with the glass. An alternative solution is to use a day/night camera which has an extra sensitive imaging chip that allows it to capture a good picture in low-light situations without using infrared lighting. This works well for example if there are street lights outside or an exterior light that can be left on at night. Cameras without infrared light will not capture an image without any light.

The level of light required to capture a good picture is referred to as a camera’s lux, the lower the lux the better the camera can see in the dark. For example, a camera with 0.003 lux is better than a camera with 0.2 lux. Infrared cameras are also compared by how far they can see in total darkness. We sell cameras that see in total darkness over 120 feet at night. People use infrared security cameras for businesses that have the lights out at night (in case of break-ins) or for outside nighttime viewing.

Keep Your Home Safe

We also offer a variety of alarm systems, some of which are listed below to help you secure your business:

Security Alarm System Keypads

Keypads are an important part of your security system. They allow you to arm the system with a secured code. They can be placed wherever you need them most and are easy to use. Keypads feature emergency buttons that allow you to call for help immediately. Back lit buttons allow you to see your keypad when the power is out.

Door and Window Sensor

According to the NBFAA, 56% of burglars enter through a door, another 23% through the first-floor window. Door and window sensors are placed in these areas of vulnerability. When the contact is broken, the alarm is triggered.

Motion Detection

Motion detectors are triggered when someone walks in view of the detector. If intruders enter your business through a door or window that is not protected by a sensor, the motion detector will act as a trap ensuring they don’t stay in the building for long. Motion detectors can be turned off when you are on the premises while your windows and doors can remain secured.

Remote Entry Key Fob

Convenient and easy-to-use remote entry key fobs allow you to arm and disarm your system with a push of a button as far as 500 feet from your business. The key fob also features a panic button which allows you to contact help in case of emergency.

Alarm Sirens

An alarm siren provides peace of mind for you and acts as a deterrent for would-be intruders.

When choosing a security camera company for all your business needs you need to make sure you are choosing a company that has training in installs in business and store settings. Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras our technicians have gone through extensive training for installing cameras and alarm systems. When installing security cameras, you want to make sure you are choosing a company that will come to each location you have and preform a safety audit to best meet the needs of your facility. A safety audit should be done at least once a year to ensure that your systems are working properly and still meeting all your facility’s needs. The audit of the facility is not just limited to security cameras and alarms but should also include every point of entry and door access protection. Another helpful tool when choosing a trusted company that is going to install your security systems is to look them up on the Better Business Bureau. You want to make sure the business you are choosing is BBB accredited so you can view the company’s track record. Central Jersey Security Camera will come work with you company and their budget to ensure your place of business is safe and secure. Our staff is background checked and well trained in the installation of all aspects of security systems. Central Jersey Security Cameras is Better Business Bureau Accredited A+. Call our office today at 732-333-0227 or visit our website centraljerseysecuritycameras.com.

Below is a list of some Jersey Shore hot spots during the Summer months that typically become heavily populated:

  • Asbury Park, NJ (1 in 21 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Atlantic City, NJ (1 in 22 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Avalon & Stone Harbor, NJ (N/A)
  • Barnegat, NJ (1 in 167 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Beach Haven, NJ (1 in 11 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Belmar, NJ (1 in 42 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Cape May, NJ (1 in 37 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Island Beach State Park, NJ (N/A)
  • Keansburg, NJ (1 in 56 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Long Beach Island, NJ (N/A)
  • Long Branch, NJ (1 in 37 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Ocean City, NJ (1 in 29 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Ocean Grove, NJ (N/A)
  • Point Pleasant, NJ (1 in 153 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Seaside Heights, NJ (1 in 22 chance of falling victim to property crime)
  • Wildwood, NJ (1 in 11 chance of falling victim to property crime)

*Statistics from neighborhoodscout.com per 1000 residents*

(This website did not have the information for certain towns. You should still secure your place of business, even if the odds of becoming a victim aren’t high. Keep yourself, your employees, and your business protected)

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