The other day, while I was working at Central Jersey Security Cameras’ Freehold Office, someone asked me if I was ever bothered by the presence of security cameras. I believe this person wanted to know if it felt intrusive when your boss or your co-workers can watch your every move. I told him what I would tell anyone who asked me that question… no! It does not bother me knowing that my boss and co-workers can watch me whenever they please- In fact, having a state-of-the-art security system in the office puts me at ease.

First of all, my office mates are not watching my every move. The cameras are only used in particular situations. For instance, the office staff and I like to use the cameras to see when people come and go. The exterior cameras allow us to see who is coming in and out of our parking lot and identify who we might be talking to before they get to the door. Unsurprisingly, this gives me peace of mind for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that I don’t think anyone would try to commit a crime here because they can see the multitude of cameras pointing at their car and their face. The other reason being that if something were to happen, the fact that so many employees have access to the cameras makes it more likely that help will come sooner. This is why I feel better knowing that the cameras are there. Not to mention, most offices nowadays have either been fitted with cameras or are planning to install security cameras in the future to protect their investment.

Not only does our office include cameras, but as an additional protective feature, we have panic buttons that will go straight to the police department through Central Station Monitoring. Central Station Monitoring is a service we provide through the alarm systems we install here at Central Jersey Security Cameras. This service is extremely useful in protecting your home and businesses. An alarm without some type of monitoring will only make noise to try and scare off the individual; which can still be very effective. However, Central Station Monitoring will give you a phone call and if action is required to send the police or an ambulance to your business or home location, they will immediately. This is the same service we use in our office here at Central Jersey Security Cameras. So, our office panic buttons give us direct access to the authorities without even making a phone call. This supplies us the fastest response time possible, god forbid something terrible happens.

Another security measure we use here in the office of Central Jersey Security Cameras is door access control. This system is quite popular with businesses and schools because it is simple to use and extremely effective at filtering out intruders. Door access control is used as added security and far exceeds what a normal lock and key can do. Each employee or family member is equipped with a key fob that can be placed on a panel which unlocks a door for a brief period. With the door access system, you can record the coming and going of your employees with precision accuracy, and you can allow each employee a specific level of access. This means that some doors can be off-limits for certain employees and their key fobs will not trigger the door to unlock. Door access control is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses, schools, government buildings, and medical facilities.

The latest feature we have installed in our office is a new doorbell system. This system has become a very popular system for homes, and businesses are starting to see the added value. The doorbell system doubles as a camera, so before anyone opens the door you can identify who you are about to talk to. This allows you to prepare either talking to a friend or maybe a stranger. If it does happen to be a stranger, you can also speak to them without opening the door, through the doorbell. So if you decide this person may not be safe, you never have to interact with them directly.
So, as an employee of a security company I am not uncomfortable being recorded all day. I am completely aware that all of our security measures are being used to keep us as safe as possible while at work. I feel better knowing that I am protected by top of the line security systems, and if anything bad were to ever happen, I believe it would be better off happening at this protected office.

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