How Can You Be Sure Your Home is Safe While Out for Super Bowl LIII?

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How Can You Be Sure Your Home is Safe While Out for Super Bowl LIII?

That time of year is coming around again… SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!  Whether or not it is your fan favorite team that has made it to the final two or your most hated opponent, it is a game that we all tend to gather and watch in a large group. This year we get to watch the Los Angeles Rams take on a team that’s not so unfamiliar to the big game, the New England Patriots. Whether you are the one hosting the big party or if you are going out to an establishment, joining your family or just hanging with some friends at their home for the big game, wouldn’t you like to know your home is secure? While you are out enjoying the big game waiting to see if Tom Brady will in fact gain another Superbowl ring or if the Los Angeles Rams take their first Superbowl win as the Los Angeles Rams, you should not have to worry about if your home is being burglarized. If your home does not have a security system, the odds are not in your favor! This is where Central Jersey Security Cameras can help you. Call us today and we can access what home security system will work best to benefit you and your homes needs.

Your home is probably one of the biggest investments that you will ever make and it’s the one place you should truly feel the safest. It is a known statistic that a home is broken into every 15 seconds. The average home burglar loves this time of the year as we are all busy, whether it be out shopping or visiting family. They also know it’s that time of year that the expensive electronics make their way into your home. All those new game systems that came out that you purchased for a loved one for Christmas, that nice big screen TV you’ve been waiting to get for yourself to watch the big game on with family and friends… they’re all enticements for these burglars. Keeping your home safe in today’s world means becoming diligent with your home’s security needs. Get your home protected! Have a security camera system installed.

Often what we see at Central Jersey Security Cameras is a would-be criminal walk up to a home, look right up at the camera, and walk away. In many cases we find a neighbor or someone down the block without the protection of security cameras becomes the unintended victim of the burglar.

Here are 5 home tips to help you secure your home:

1. Take a good look at your home – Most burglars decide within five minutes whether your home is a good target for them.
-Look at your home during the day. Can just anyone look inside your home, walk up, and see no one is inside?
-Look at your home at night when the lights are on in your home. Can just anyone see that new expensive TV system you bought from the street?
Both day and night views of your home are important for a burglar to check out, so beat them to it. Take a look and get protected!
2. Examine each point of entry to your home. Today, burglars have YouTube, which has thousands of lock picking videos. These videos can help a pro get into your home, with a standard lock in many cases, in less than a minute. A window can be broken in less than a minute as well. Here is where you need to take a close look at adding a home alarm system to your house. If someone opens a door or breaks a window, (as long as you have glass breaks or motion sensors), your home alarm will sound, in many cases scaring the burglar away, and the proper authorities will be on their way to your home.
3. Be careful what you post on social media!! Going out for the big game and think it’s a good idea to brag to your friends? Think again. This is social media – even with the “friends only” setting on, anyone can take a picture of your post with their cell phone and now show millions of people you are away and that no one will be in your home for days.
4. Identify and remove enticements from clear views. Home invasions and home robberies happen for a reason. A burglar wants to be confident that your home is worth the trouble. You need to make sure when you get that new expensive TV, DVR, and home appliance that you do not leave boxes out in front of your home or have them visible in your trash. If a prospective robber goes past your home and sees you have new goodies in your home, you may become a target. Make sure you dispose of boxes to pricey items in black trash bags.
5. GET home security and keep it up to date!!! Adding security cameras and alarms is a great idea, but they are useless if they don’t work properly. When choosing home security, it’s an investment, and when making this investment, you need to think quickly but hard on the choice you make when you choose the company to do your home security. Shop around and be sure the company you choose is BBB accredited. Read the company reviews and make sure the Central Station Monitoring you choose is UL listed. (As a side note don’t forget to check with your homeowner’s insurance. Many companies offer a discount to homeowners with UL listed alarms, and now some companies offer discounts for installing security camera systems to your home. Check with your provider to see the discounts they are willing to offer.)

Keep Your Home Safe

Protect your family and your assets.

Protect your family and your assets. Surveillance cameras in plain view are a “proven guaranteed deterrent” by persuading potential intruders to move on. With professionally installed security cameras, you gain that peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure, even when you are not there to see for yourself. Watch your home live remotely while you’re out watching the big game from your smart phones or other portable devices with remote views. You are now able to look in on your home and see for yourself, knowing what is taking place around the home when you are not able to be there. With today’s security cameras, you can check on your home at any time, whether it be at half time or right after the winning touchdown right from the palm of your hand! Get those crisp, clear pictures right on your smart phone when you have remote views set up with your cameras.

Advantages of Security Cameras.

Another advantage to security cameras with remote views is you can be out and be alerted by your smart phone when someone steps within a perimeter you set on your property. Would you like an alert sent right to your smart phone when someone walks up to your front sidewalk or pulls in the driveway? With our professionally installed HD security cameras, you can set up a perimeter around your house, arm a specific area or individual cameras to send an instant notification to your mobile device when the area is entered or “breached”. You will receive this notification right to your smart phone that will include the persons or movement that triggered the alarm within seconds of it actually happening. This feature is called line intrusion that we can set up on your security cameras. The best part, there is no monthly charge! This is a free bonus to having your security cameras professionally installed.


Line crossing detection, or intrusion detection, is a function of your DVR, NVR or IP camera. What it does is that it instantly detects any motion in a certain “set”, which is a set area that is personally set by you for your alert needs. It will send immediate alerts to your smart device directly from the DVR, NVR  or IP camera. For example, you want to know when someone or something enters your driveway. So, you go into the software of your DVR, NVR or IP camera and start setting up specific areas by drawing lines across the driveway. Of course, these are not visible lines to the human eye since it is only a virtual line or perimeter you have created, but it acts just as good as a virtual tripwire. What it will do is activate the area when the area or line is breached and send you a notification either directly through the app or to your email, whichever option you choose. You can even have audible alerts right on site through an external siren or right from the DVR or NVR.
You can set this to work on schedules, certain hours during the day, certain days during the week or if you are on vacation and will be away from your home or business and you want to be alerted when someone or something breaches your “set” area or areas. While both High Definition and IP cameras or the use of an NVR in conjunction with IP cameras will both do the job, there is more flexibility with the NVR and IP cameras in terms of having multiple cameras set up for line crossing/intrusion detection. There are also sensitivity settings that do adjust to meet your needs. For example, you may not want to know when a cat or small animal crosses the line, so you would adjust the scale to measure for larger objects.

Double up on your home security just like the NFL doubles up on the referees officiating the Superbowl. Have the security you need by having an alarm system put in place to notify you when someone is trying to break into your home. Homes that add an alarm system to their home with security cameras installed have added protection to their homes. Homes with the added protection of a home alarm system and security cameras are a burglar’s worst nightmare. Now not only were they caught on tape by the security cameras, but they now alerted the proper authorities by setting off an alarm system. Chances are they will be caught on the spot. With the footage from your security cameras, you now have the proof of what took place at your home.

Today’s home alarms are more than a loud shirking noise when they go off! Most are connected to central station monitoring for a small monthly fee that will alert the proper authorities when the alarm is triggered. With advances in alarms this past year with the launch of the new UltraSync alarm home automation system, you can now not only be alerted when someone is at your home, but right from the palm of your hand, you can use your smartphone to do much more. Features like arming and disarming your system from your phone is only the beginning!

While you’re out for the big game, it’s expected that you will get home late. Nobody likes to walk into a dark home.  Don’t come home to a dark house. With the convenience of the home automation  features the UltraSync has to offer, you can now turn your lights on and off or set them on a timer right from the palm of your hand using your smartphone and a touch of your finger. Just like that, with a touch of your finger, you can have your home set to be bright and lit up for when you are pulling up to your home and the front door unlocked before even getting out of the car to go inside for the night. You don’t even have to fiddle with those keys after your long night out enjoying the game. The same goes for your thermostat. Have the thermostat set to the perfect temperature for you when you walk through the door from a long work day. To learn more about what the UltraSync can do for your home, visit our webpage.

You should not have to worry about if your home is being burglarized. If your home does not have a security system, the odds are not in your favor! This is where Central Jersey Security Cameras can help you. Call us today and we can access what home security system will work best to benefit you and your home’s needs.

Don’t put your home’s security second to your football picks. Whether you are rooting for the Los Angeles Rams to take down the New England Patriots or you are rooting for Tom Brady and his team to gain another Superbowl title, Central Jersey Security Cameras is rooting for your home to be safe and secure and your belongings to be protected. Call Central Jersey Security Cameras today for your free onsite evaluation. We can help you decided what security system will work best to benefit you, your family and your home’s needs. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect what matters most to you. For more information visit our website or call us at 732-333-0227.

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