How Effective is your Security this Holiday Season?

Shopping Center Security this holiday season

Local retail businesses during the holidays should have many cameras installed inside and outside of the store. Today almost anywhere you go in a shopping mall, store, or even small business there appears to cameras everywhere. During the busiest time of the year, security cameras often make would-be thieves think twice. How safe are the malls you are shopping at? Even here at the Freehold Mall, it is nice to have security cameras around to keep you safe. Everyone can agree that having the cameras right there in your face often deters any type of crime. As a customer shopping in a shopping mall, we feel safer knowing that cameras have their eyes on us. It offers a sense of relief while shopping to know that you are protected this holiday season.  Retail security this holiday season is one of, if not the, most important aspect of owning and running a business in the winter. 


Here are a couple of quick tips that can help reduce burglary at your  business with security this holiday season:

  • Clear your entrances and windows of trees and shrubs that block views from the street and/or provide a hiding place for thieves
  • Secure your doors with sturdy deadbolt locks or padlocks
  • Install bars or gates on windows to help prevent them from being broken and used as an entry
  • Motion sensor-activated lighting and alarms can also help deter burglars

Protect your business from all types of theft

Security cameras can watch money transactions and make sure all the cash is going into the cash register and not into an employee’s pocket. It is scary to know that an employee is more than capable of slipping your money into their pockets since they know the ins and outs of your business. From large chain stores to mom and pop shops, this is and should be a concern. 

Even though Black Friday has come and gone, this is still the busiest season for shopping because of the holidays. Stores hire more staff just for the season, and sometimes we don’t really know who we are hiring. As store owners, you work hard so that you can enjoy the holiday season with your family too. With security cameras, you can check your store remotely wherever you are visiting family or doing your own shopping for the holidays. As long as you have your smartphone, you can keep an eye on your business during these busy times.

What is scary about theft is that there is no specific way you can tell someone is going to shoplift.  All kinds of thefts, including loading dock thefts, result in thousands of dollars of loss and everyone involved in transporting and selling these goods are dealing with the consequences. Know how your business is vulnerable to thieves.


Here are a few tips for business owners looking for security this holiday season:

  • Conduct a background check on prospective employees
  • Install an access control system allowing employees to enter only those areas needed for them to do their jobs
  • Place security cameras around areas where money is exchanged or kept
  • Make daily bank deposits to minimize the amount of cash on the premises
  • Close and lock doors to areas where valuable products or supplies are stored. Use fencing and locked gates to protect equipment and supplies kept outdoors


As a Retail Store, Should I Improve my Security this Holiday Season?


When thinking about theft in a mall or store our mind automatically goes to someone stealing items, running full speed, with a facemask on taking a bag of inventory or money. Even though that is definitely considered theft, businesses can also really suffer when their employees are dipping their hands in the cookie jar. When inquiring about how to prevent theft from your shopping mall or business, one of the steps is ALWAYS surveillance cameras. It is almost asking for theft if you do not have them in place.

Nobody wants to be caught doing something illegal and no customer wants to feel unsafe while doing their holiday shopping. The holidays should be a time to celebrate and feel safe with your family, not worrying about who is stealing from you and your business.




In this article, you will see a Security Camera that clearly caught two people stealing from a local business. They have no regard for the holidays and the hard work that the people who own this business put in so that they too can enjoy their holidays. Thankfully, the business owner made sure they had a plan in case this happened, and now justice can be served with this footage.

Commercial Security System Installation NJ

Parking Lots at Commercial Outlets Need Security this Holiday Season

When it comes to security this holiday season it is not only about the store and its safety. There is also concern about the parking lot.  Once you park your car, how secure is your car in the parking lot? How safe are you walking from your car into a retail business? Are all the gifts you bought safe and sound in your car?  The most frequent crime in parking lots is theft or vandalism, but victims are also vulnerable to more violent crimes such as robbery and assault.



You want your property as well as the presents you have bought to be safe in a parking lot. If you feel unsafe, you will not shop at that location! Believe it or not, the presence of security cameras attract customers to shop and spend their money. In addition to keeping customers safe, you will also want to keep your business safe from any fraudulent claims that could be made! Slip and Fall Claims are very important to protect your business or commercial property during the holiday season, and you can read our entire article on False Claims by clicking here.


Don’t let the holidays be ruined by local criminals. 

Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras want your malls, businesses, your employees, and your customers to have the best retail security this holiday season. We know you work hard all year for the holidays and we will personally come to your business and help you figure out what security system would be best for you.

Here is a video of our Technician Rich installing a security camera system at the Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold New Jersey.

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