Early Dismissals: Is Your Child Safe?

Children using Central Jersey Alarm Panel Security System after School

For anyone who has children attending school in New Jersey, we all know how unpredictable the weather in the Garden State can be. We find ourselves watching the weather channel intently with our children to see if they will have school tomorrow or not. We dread the phone call home saying school is canceled, that there will be a delayed opening, or that the school is letting your children out early. Now, especially for working parents, we scramble to create a plan to make sure our Children’s Safety plan is strong while we are not there. This could be stressful for any parent. It is hard when your job isn’t flexible to the fact that your kids may need you at any given time. Especially for single mothers or fathers who have to work to support their kids and missing work really isn’t an option for them, snow could be their worst nightmare.


Sometimes schools will start the day off normally and a snowstorm could suddenly hit them. Now you have an early closing phone call for students to be dismissed coming your way while you at work. You start to ask yourself a million questions.. What time can I leave work? Who will get the kids? Will they be able to get in the house without me? What if they don’t call me telling me they’re home safe after walking from the bus stop? Your mind could be thinking of a million different horrible scenarios that could happen during a snowstorm. Even if your kids are safe at home after school, you could get stuck at work and may not be able to watch them for a good portion of the night. Especially if you work far away from your home, you may be getting even worse snowfall than your children. 


Ensure Your Children’s Safety on Snow Days


Have a plan when the unexpected happens. Say you have a meeting at work you cannot miss, but your child is coming home early for school. Now what? Well, if you have security cameras in your home, you can make sure your child got home from the bus stop safe and sound, putting your mind at ease so that you can have a successful work meeting. If your child has both working parents, and you do not feel comfortable leaving them home alone, interior and exterior Security Cameras would ease your mind while you are at work trying to provide for your family. Having cameras where appropriate can ensure your kid is safe and your children’s safety is the best it can be. 


You can legally be fired for not coming into work because of the weather. It is up to your employer to deem whether or not the weather is bad enough for you to stay home. Sometimes other factors aren’t called into effect, like whether your kids’ school has bad enough weather for YOU to stay home and properly take care of your kids. The amount of kids that are staying home alone due to weather even though the parents aren’t comfortable with it is shocking and is not in favor of your children’s safety.


Arm Your Family with an Alarm


In situations like these, not having an alarm is unheard of. Without an alarm, it is typical to feel uneasy and even paranoid about your home when you are not around. Imagine having children in that mix as well… that could feel like a risk many people are not willing to take. If you are not there to guard your kids during an emergency, let us help with security cameras and a great alarm system. Alarms are ideal for families because they are easy for the youth to use and reliable enough to depend on for your home security. We want strong children’s safety for all of our New Jersey families.


By installing security cameras you can feel at ease while you are away from your children working during a winter storm. New Jersey sees their fair share of them. Our schools are well equipped in handling snow storm situations and promoting children’s safety… are you and your home? You would then be able to check your home through your cameras knowing that your children got home safe and aren’t getting into any trouble. If you told them not to use the stove, you can make sure of it and if they are supposed to do their homework, you can also check on that too! But most importantly, these cameras would be there for their safety. God forbid someone tries to get into your home and get to your stuff or kids, you would be protected. That’s why it is even more important to arm your home with an alarm.  In addition to keeping the youth safe with a home security system, you can read a blog we wrote up earlier discussing some benefits that a home security system could have for the elderly and older-folk who want to feel secure in their home.


We offer a variety of different cameras for you and your families specific needs. Without any type of camera or alarm system, you are leaving your house way too vulnerable to intruders. Stay safe this winter season and make sure your kids and all of our communities youth are always taken care of and are safe at all times.  


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