Using Home Security to Combat Mischief Night

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Combat Mischief Night in New Jersey with Home Security

Growing up all my life in New Jersey and raising my kids in New Jersey, Mischief Night has always been part of a tradition. Anyone who lives in New Jersey is aware of what this night could entail. Every year on October 30th, I would throw a Mischief Night party for the kids on our block and we would TP our neighbors’ homes (we would ask them for permission first but the kids when they were small never knew it). It was all in good clean fun with no harm intended and no with no threat toward our residential home security. However, I would hear horror stories from the other kids pushing the Mischief Night Mischief way too far and causing real criminal damage to homeowners’ properties. Because of the dark of night and lack of proof, homeowners would often be left with costly repairs and even insurance claims. Mischief Night is only a New Jersey “holiday”… lucky us! The rest of the country does not have a specific name for the night before Halloween that many homeowners dread. This night can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to innocent homeowners and they may never find out who breached their residential home security and did this to their house, car or any other property that may be vulnerable on the outside of their home. Having security cameras on the outside of your home may deter kids or even adults from trying any sort of mischief in the first place and help promote residential security. If someone does cause damage to your home, you would be able to catch the culprit with the footage. Showing the authorities the damage to your house is a lot less effective than showing the police footage of the crime taking place. They can see what time, exactly how it was executed, and even the face of the criminal. You will be happy that you are receiving justice for a crime done unto you, and the community will be happy that because of your residential security system, you helped get this criminal off the streets. Waking up to damage is horrible, but waking up to damage with no way of any compensation is even worse. It could ruin your family’s Halloween and extinguish all of the excitement about the holiday. In many cases today, cameras are often the proof homeowners or business owners need to prove to the local authorities and their homeowners’ insurance what took place at their home when physical damage happens at a home or a place of business. The presence of cameras are often necessary in making sure your residential home security is up to par.

Is celebrating Halloween leaving my house vulnerable to criminals?

It’s not just the night of Mischief Night that instills fear to homeowners in our community and state and threatens our residential home security, It is also Halloween. Especially for families who have kids and are out Trick-Or-Treating. Even though it is (in my opinion) one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year, the fun away from home can come at a cost. It is easy for people to find out what houses are empty during the day and a break-in can easily happen to an unsuspecting family while they are out and about collecting candy and enjoying the holiday. Having fun may wave the facts of residential security from our minds. Trick-or-Treating is not fun if you are worrying about whether or not your home is safe for the duration of it or coming home to a disastrous situation. There are many ways you can ease your mind when it comes to the safety of your home.

What can I do to secure my home during the Spooky Season?

For starters, infrared security cameras are great during the night time and can catch any thief messing with your property in the later hours of the evening. These cameras are incredible when it comes to residential security, especially if there is some light from the outside of your home leaking into your house such as a street light, they can capture an image as clear as if it was taken in broad daylight. What is especially great about installing cameras and using them on Halloween, is that you can receive an alert right to your phone when someone walks up to your front sidewalk and/or pulls into your driveway. This is what we call line intrusion and it can notify you on your smartphone wherever you and your family are on Halloween.

 Even though the alert is a great tool, the most important feature of the camera is the fact that it records all of the events in their view in “real-time.” This way, you can view the footage once you receive the alert on your smartphone and if you need to go to the authorities because of damage or theft to your property, you can provide the recorded footage and lessen the headache of the whole experience that the criminal has given you.

 In addition to the installation of security cameras to keep your family safe, an alarm system is a must to make sure the criminal does not getaway at the scene of the crime. Whether it is on mischief night, Halloween, or even on another night that you are at a Halloween Party, put on your worries onto your residential home security system and enjoy yourself this holiday! With an alarm ready to alert the police, the damage done to your property can decrease significantly. Once the perpetrator hears the sound of the alarm go off, they will stop damaging or stealing your belongings and take off. If they are bold enough to stay on your property, the alarm will alert the police, and they will be caught. There is no reason why your family should be fearful during Halloween other than from the scary costumes that are walking around! Don’t let the costumes, candy, and all the celebrating go to waste because someone decided to mess with your home.

How likely is it that something does happen to my home or property?

 Since Halloween is already spooky enough, the thought of coming home to a dark house can make that eerie feeling even worse. Instead of leaving your lights on at your house for hours on end during the day and into the night, we can provide UltraSync where you can turn your lights on and off from your smartphone or even set a timer. That way you are saving electricity, tricking the criminals into thinking you are home, and coming back home to a brighter home on an already dark, scary holiday. 

 A frightening but important statistic to keep in mind for your family and your home is that a burglary happens once every 23 seconds in the United States according to https://www.safewise.com/blog/8-surprising-home-burglary-statistics/. We want this number to go down and the only way we can do that is if we up our expectations when it comes to residential home security. If you think that is a scary statistic, according to the FBI, the average burglary victim loses $2,416. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2017/crime-in-the-u.s.-2017/topic-pages/burglary If you are not home on Halloween, and your house does not have the proper protection, that can result in a serious dent in your pocket and your own horror story that you did not anticipate. If this scenario does happen, but you have taken the proper precautions such as installing an alarm and/or camera and have at least have some sort of footage for proof, insurance can help you regain back what you lost. This footage can return to you the money as well as the peace of mind that your home and your community is safer now that you are contributing positively to residential home security. Even if you just have the cameras visible, a burglar may not even try something in the first place, and those cameras just saved you almost $2,500. Surveillance cameras are a “proven guaranteed deterrent”. Who would want to do something illegal with an audience watching? 

What is the first step to keeping my home safe?

 Here at Central Jersey Security Cameras, we want you to have the utmost protection when it comes to residential home security. We will personally come to your home and help you figure out what security system would be best for you and your house. We have daily technical support so that if you have any questions along the way, we are here to help. Central Jersey Security Cameras wants to spook them before they spook you!

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Have a safe and Happy Halloween from all of us at Central Jersey Security Cameras!

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