Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage
05-11-19 [Cloud Storage 2]

Cloud Storage, what it means?

Today, we hear a lot about “Cloud Storage.” When it comes to security cameras basically what it means is that all recordings from your security cameras are stored off premise in the cloud in a reliable redundant server. You can access your camera’s live views, recordings and make copies all through the app or from any computer. You can retrieve important footage from your cameras and send to a portable device such as a flash drive or external hard drive.

Pricing is on a per-camera basis with storage available ranging from 4 hours to 90 days. Please call for more information 732-333-0227

The traditional and still most widely accepted method of storing video footage from your surveillance cameras is by utilizing a NVR with an internal hard drive. While this method is still recommended, cloud storage offers more options in terms of securing your recorded video footage.

Cloud backup would be important in the event your hard drive crashes or the NVR is stolen then you will still have the footage you need safely stored in our cloud based storage. You can also use this type of storage when there is no viable place to install or leave the NVR, for example a rental property or high risk environment. Cloud storage may also be used as a primary means to hold all video storage thus eliminating the need for an onsite NVR

We have branded our own cloud storage

with frame rates up to 15 FPS and excellent video quality. You can record continuously and motion activated simultaneously with color coded event schedules.

The app is friendly and easy to navigate. Reliability is 100%. Not all storage is the same, in fact most of the stuff you see is not suitable for high quality security cameras. Storage for cameras has been around for a couple of years, although not made suitable for quality video until recently…that’s when we got involved. We have been waiting for the technology to allow our high megapixel cameras to flow smoothly and record in high quality and it is finally here.

Please click here for a demo of what our security cameras look like played through the Central Jersey Security Cameras cloud storage app.

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