Home Security Camera Buying Guide (2023)

Purchasing Home Security Cameras?

These days, there are many different home security cameras flooding the market. With many new companies entering the ring of home security and introducing new camera models every day, you may find yourself asking “what are the best security cameras for my home?”. It can be very difficult as a consumer to decide which CCTV security camera system is the best for your New Jersey home. We have put together a buying guide for those who may be new to the world of home security and need a little guidance.


Security Installation Company vs DIY Install

The DIY market for security cameras has been growing with each passing year. Big companies such as Amazon’s Ring and Google Nest have become staples of the home security industry by offering easy-to-install security solutions at affordable prices. On the surface, that may sound like traditional installations are becoming obsolete, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

There is a huge market for traditional home security installations, and you may even fall under it without even realizing it. DIY systems are typically limited to wireless cameras. The reliability of wireless security cameras has a reputation for being spotty. This is because wireless cameras rely solely on (sometimes unreliable) wifi signals rather than the steady transmission of wired data. The process of wiring a home security camera system sounds like a big leap compared to the convenience of simple DIY solutions, but it may be what makes or breaks your investment. Central Jersey Security Cameras firmly believes that security solutions should be reliable.

Home Security Camera Benefits

Another advantage of having trained professionals install your security camera system is having a resource for consultation and even service down the road. At Central Jersey Security Cameras, we have a fully staffed office open, ready to keep serve our valued customers. We encourage them to call with any questions or concerns they have prior or even following a home security installation. We are here for our business supporters.


Professionally Designed Home Security Systems

What makes for a well-designed home security camera system? Well, designating one “package” for a multitude of different home and property layouts is no easy task. Additionally, budgets and needs for each person can vary. This is why if you want a fully accommodating and professionally designed home security camera system, you will want to find professionals who can create custom installations for you.

Custom security packages are cost-effective; Designing a custom system will do everything you require but will not cost a penny more than you need to pay. Packages can tailor to your needs, with the exact cameras you require in all the spots of your choosing. At Central Jersey Security Cameras, we have design teams that can give you free, accurate advice and help establish your precise needs.

CJSC Valued Customer

“We recently had outdoor security cameras and an alarm system installed at our home. We were very happy with this company. The 3 guys that came to the house were very nice and worked diligently all day. They went above and beyond giving me all of the necessary information I needed and answering all of the questions I had. We recommend this company for anyone looking to have cameras and/or an alarm system put in at their home and/or business!”

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Choosing a Home Security Camera System

Here are some important things to keep in mind when purchasing a security camera system for your home:

  1. Map out what areas you want to cover. Locate points of entry you need to cover and areas of your property that you want to keep under surveillance. This will help establish your requisites for your home security system. Installing security cameras to cover the front door and the perimeter of the home’s property (each side of the home) is among the most popular options for New Jersey homes.
  2. Set a Budget. if you are looking for a large quantity of high-megapixel cameras for your home security camera system, the costs can start to pile up. In some situations, getting the best available camera may be overkill. Setting a budget to work with will help to prioritize what needs more attention and what doesn’t. Central Jersey Security Cameras offers free on-site evaluations to help determine what kind of home security system would best suit your needs.
  3. Determine what features you need.  With many different security camera systems available for homeowners these days, it can be difficult to keep up with the bells & whistles of each kind. It’s a good idea to make a list of essential features you want, and use those to narrow down your selection. Do you want wired or wireless cameras? Is line crossing detection a necessity for you? Do you need cloud storage?

Complete Home Protection in New Jersey

Home security cameras are perfect for surveilling property and keeping an eye on your home. It provides peace of mind, and (in the occasion a break-in does occur) it offers valuable evidence that can be used to identify and apprehend suspects. If monitoring or an immediate response is a priority to you, you may be interested in a complete security system. 

A complete security system consists of both a security camera CCTV system and a burglar alarm system. Burglar alarm systems feature professional monitoring as opposed to home security cameras’ self-monitoring. With professional alarm monitoring, police are dispatched immediately after the alarm system detects a break-in. For some, the alarm monitoring, audible siren, and immediate police dispatch make an added alarm system worth it.

Honeywell Alarm Panel with sensors

New Jersey’s Best Security Cameras in 2023

With professional sales consultants, experienced technicians, and fully staffed offices throughout New Jersey, we are more than prepared to help any homeowners interested in adding to their home security in 2023. We have an extensive customer base established within New Jersey and extending beyond the tri-state area. There is no job too little and no job too big for Central Jersey Security cameras. Contact us today for a free on-site evaluation or security consultation!

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