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Central Jersey Security Cameras offers alarm systems with Central Station Monitoring to customers at affordable rates.

What is Commercial/Residential Central Station Monitoring?

Central-Station is a common term used to refer to a company that provides services to monitor residential/business alarm systems. The central-station may also provide watchman and supervisory services. All home/business alarm monitoring central stations are staffed 24 hours a day. They are there to call police and report information when security systems are triggered.

Central Jersey Security Cameras technicians are licensed specialist in the installation and maintenance of your home or commercial alarm system. Central Jersey Security Cameras is here to help handle the complex, demanding job of monitoring your home or businesses 24/7. Monitoring your home or business will put “eyes” on your loved ones, valuables and place of business when you cannot be there as well as protect you with alarms when you are there.

Central Jersey Security Cameras employees undergo extensive training yearly to stay knowledgeable of all of the newest alarm and security technology to best serve our valued customers. Our technicians and sales staff are all fully background checked and are all in the top of their fields. At Central Jersey Security Cameras the technicians are all experts in their fields and been in the business for many years.

When you protect your home with Central Jersey Security Cameras you can rest easy knowing you are protected with a company that stands behind its work and believes in educating you and your family to use your alarms to their fullest positional. Once Central Jersey Security Cameras technicians complete your system we can send you a certificate for your home owners insurance to lower your home owner insurance rates in most cases.

Why should you choose Central Jersey Security Cameras for your alarm needs?

Most homes can be protected by central station monitoring starting at $19.95 a month, that is as little as .64 cents a day to keep your family protected. Think about it, what in today’s world will cost you only .64 cents a day? Here you can keep your family and home protected for that. Commercial business prices vary however; many of them starting only $19.95 as well. Many of the chain alarm companies can offer many giveaways, but over the course of the year they are much higher than Central Jersey Security Cameras. There is no hidden cost from Central Jersey Security Cameras and we will be there to help guide you every step of the way to learn to work your professionally installed equipment to its fullest potential. When you call Central Jersey Security Cameras, you will get to talk to real people.

Once you sign on to Central Jersey Security Cameras, you will receive a welcome package of important papers for you to keep with all of your central station motoring information. Central Jersey Security Cameras makes it easy for you by setting up automatic deductions quarterly at no extra cost to you. If you wish to pay quarterly by check you send in or you can even set up automatic payments with you credit or debit cards, what ever works best for you.

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