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Central Jersey Security Cameras/Jersey Security Solutions has been chosen over and over again to be the exclusive security dealer for many institutions that value their business and always value the children they care for. They would settle for no less than the absolute best when it comes to caring for children entrusted to them. We provide custom services that allow the schools to share their child’s progress through real time video. We have been chosen by the following schools and day cares to provide our services and every one of them would be proud to act as a reference;

Goddard School , various locations throughout NJ
Stellar Academy, two locations in NJ
YMCA day care, 18 locations throughout NJ
Kiddie Academy, various locations throughout NJ
Big Hugs day care, Piscataway, NJ
Montessori schools, various locations throughout NJ
The Tower school, Red Bank, NJ
Many more smaller private day cares throughout NJ

We have also worked in New Jersey’s Public schools and we are a registered and qualified State Vendor

John Melloy

1 Month ago

Central Jersey Security Cameras provided Coastal Learning Center with a fairly priced professional install. The workings were extremely motivated to please us and were available to answer any questions or concerns
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In today’s world especially in schools, training facilities and learning institutions where all kinds of people interact on a daily basis there are many ways security cameras could be beneficial. Central Jersey Security Cameras/Jersey Security Solutions is fully licensed and insured to work in these facilities and possesses a vast knowledge in designing and installing security systems in environments such as these.


Children can feel safe knowing that some of the threats they face today in school, like bullying, can easily be identified and quickly prevented by the close monitoring of security cameras and stopped before it becomes dangerous

Strangers wandering onto school property with the intent to cause harm can be stopped even before they enter through the doors by close monitoring and a good security system.

Overall feeling of safety by students lets them feel at ease and leads to an easier and more productive learning experience by both students and teachers.


This can leave nothing to the imagination. If cameras are placed correctly throughout the facility, any thefts WILL be caught on “tape”


Cameras have been a real proven deterrent, some feel that cameras are more effective than traditional alarms because the mindset in today’s society is that “I don’t want to be caught on film” so what this tells us is that people are more aware of security cameras than the traditional blaring alarm that has become so complacent nowadays.

Security cameras are an absolute MUST if you have any type of facility where you are liable for the people that patronize your facility.


You can’t put a price on the people and things you value the most.

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